5 Months Into Therapy, We Broached the Word “Plateau”

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If you've even broken a limb, a hinge, experienced a life-altering event, you understand that the road to recovery is long. But what do you do when the word Plateau is broached during a therapy session 5 months into your recovery? Yes, this is yet another post about my elbow. I know, y'all, it's getting old to you. It's getting old to me too. It's been five months since my life-altering injury. The unfortunate evening of September 4, 2015 that I now (un)affectionately refer to as #Elbowgeddon2015. I'm over it. But I'm not. I'm no longer officially broken, because my bones are healed, officially. You might even say I'm unbroken, if you will. But I'm not. At all. And I'm tired. I'm coping. In fact, I'm working and carrying on with my life as if nothing ever happened. On the outside. I'm typing well again (with my now unbroken arm winged out at a 90 so that my hand can find the keys). I'm cooking, cleaning, and taking photos (sort of) with my shoulder raised high (because it helps … [Continue]

Yes, I’m getting old, but I was born to break

born broken

Yes, getting old sucks, but some of us were born to break, and I am one of those people. I have a doctor's note. Even in your 40's, with a body that is in better shape (and way more active) than some people in their 20's, bone breaking has nothing to do with age. Disclosure: Pissy pants post prompted by some haters in my life, most that shouldn't even matter, but I feel I need to get this off my "old" chest. We all hate getting old, but let me dispel the rumor. I'm not falling apart because I'm getting "old". I have a doctor's note. I'm falling apart, and breaking, because I was born this way, and the breaking started some time around birth, apparently. Don't get me wrong, I'm not fooling myself. I am getting old, but I'm not broken because of that fact. I'm broken in spite of it since I've always been "broken". I posted the other day about my "new normal" and I got some flack on Facebook. I heard that I'm just "getting old" and "these things happen". Honestly, I was offended. I … [Continue]

Dear Step Son, You’re Right, Today You’re an “Equal”

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Being a "step" parent is rough. Today, after reading a dissertation of a text from my 18-year-old step son last night, I realized that I don't treat him as an "equal" to my own kids. Today, everything will change, for him, and I hope he's happy that he'll actually finally have to follow rules for the first time in his life. Dear 18-year-old step son, I'm sorry. I read your 500-word text to your dad last night (yes, he showed me, you knew he would) and I can't say I disagree with you. You're right. We do NOT treat you as an equal to our "real" kids. You live by different rules. You are treated differently. In fact, you are treated way differently. Thanks for pointing it out so that I don't have to anymore. You did us all a favor and, thanks to you, your life will change today and you'll finally be "equal". You see, my "real" kids have a lot of rules. They live on a budget (yes, a budget, we're not made of money). That's why we have stuff. We work hard, I budget our money, we get … [Continue]

Coping with Life-Altering Events and Changes

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How do you cope with life-altering events? Do you take them head on? Do you avoid them all together? Do you quantify them because some are just worse than others? I'm struggling right now with a life-altering event that trumps all others before this one. Some events are life altering. Birthdays, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, job change, house purchase, financial woes, moves, and broken bones. In my lifetime, I've been through all of those life-altering events and some are just easier to cope with, to move on from or rejoice in, than others. Life altering. It's all in your state of mind, right? I mean, I've been through most of the events I mentioned above multiple times. Birthdays. I've had a few. Each is significant. Each is life altering. Each brings new challenges, but I embrace them because it's just another year. Another wrinkle. Another day that I'm thankful that I've been afforded. Some are not so lucky. Marriage. I've been there a time or two (or three...see … [Continue]

Unbroken: My Word of the Year for 2016

unbroken 2016 insanity is not an option

My word of the year for 2016 is officially Unbroken. Is it even a word? I considered many words, but a friend suggested this word, and for many reasons, literally and figuratively, this is the word I decided upon. In 2016, I will be Unbroken. Every year, like many others, I try to resolve (no I don't do resolutions because those are just stoopid...I'm not suddently going to be buff or whatever) to be better than the year before. As with all of the many years before, I resolve to find one word, one sentiment, that will carry me throughout the year, to guide me to be better. This year, unbroken will guide me. Literally and figuratively, I refuse to be broken. If you've been following along at all (I thank all 5 of you), you know that I'm physically broken right now. I'm trying to cope with it, but it's not going as well as planned and it's frustrating. But that's not all. In a lot of ways, I'm not just physically broken. A whole lot of me has been broken for many years and it's … [Continue]

Don’t Elbow Manipulate Me

just keep swimming

Do you like to be manipulated? No one does, but I'm paying to be manipulated on December 22nd. Well, elbow manipulated anyway. Don't elbow manipulate me, or do, because I need to be fixed. Ever see a manual elbow manipulation? If you've been following along at all, you probably know that I'm quite broken. But the thing is, although I've been going on with my life as if I didn't have all of this hardware in my broken fin, I'm really not getting a whole lot better. In fact, I've kind of stopped swimming in a proverbial sense. And now, in a literal sense in more ways than one, I'm frozen. Progress is no longer a thing. My supronation is at 0º and pronation at about 5. I can bend my elbow at about a 40, straighten at about a 60. And that's it. Not cool. I've kind of stopped swimming altogether and to be honest, my psyche is beginning to completely drown with my broken fin. Typing is a challenge, photography is a huge challenge, cooking's a challenge, driving is a challenge, even … [Continue]