D2 Coconut Water Fresh Fruit Pops

Gather as a family, watch Descendants 2, make Coconut Water Fresh Fruit Pops, and just enjoy some down time for a change!

Gather as a family, watch Descendants 2, make Coconut Water Fresh Fruit Pops, and just enjoy some down time for a change! Oh yea, and I should tell you, I did receive a full party pack from Team Click to facilitate this post. We loved the first Disney Descendants movie and we couldn't wait for Descendants 2 to come out. The minute it did, I knew we needed a movie night so a movie night we had...with healthy popsicles and all. Because that's how we roll. But don't get me wrong...I didn't do the the whole "I'm the perfect mom with healthy snacks and stuff" thing...we had wigs, and dancing...and we stayed up way too late. But we did have healthy popsicles (more on that later), so there's that. We put in the movie, we put on the wigs, we donned the hats, wore the necklaces...and we partied like Disney stars. It was a fun night! Descendants 2 Movie Synopsis The story deepens in the music-driven sequel to the global smash hit, Descendants, as the teenage sons and daughters of … [Continue]

Patriotic Summer Beach House Decor

Celebrate summer when you transform your home into a Patriotic Summer Beach House so you enjoy Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day the festive way!

Holiday decorating is a family tradition that everyone can enjoy. Thanks to my partnership with Oriental Trading, I was able to transform my home into a special Patriotic Summer Beach House to celebrate the summer holidays! If you follow along here, or on Facebook, you probably already know that I'm obsessed with decorating for the holidays. Inarguably, Christmas is my favorite (I am actually an elf in mommy clothing after all), but I don't discriminate against the other holidays. Whether it be Halloween, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, 4th of July, or really any other holiday, I'm always down for making the house fun for the kids, and for me if we're being honest! Patriotic Summer Beach House Decor Although Christmas is my favorite, summertime decorating is a total win all around; a lazy busy mom's decorating dream come true so to speak. Why, you ask? Because what's better than THREE patriotic holidays in a row? That's right, one set of decorations, a one-time set up, and … [Continue]

On Turning a Half a Century Old

Upon turning a half a century old, I have a lot to reflect on. Some good, some bad, but all valuable in its own right. Does life really begin at 50, or is it basically just the beginning of the end? I remember, vividly, the day I turned 25. I was depressed...so depressed. I knew, as the not-so-happily married mom of one almost four-year-old daughter with a "real" job and real bills, that I was no longer a kid anymore as soon as that clock struck midnight. I remember the week leading up to that day, crying regularly, knowing that day was the "beginning of the end" for me. I remember staying up until the clock turned, just to see if I felt different. I totally did. I felt grown, I didn't feel like I was in a good place, and I was depressed as hell! That year, my mom helped my then husband and friends in my neighborhood host a party for me. By host, I mean she basically planned and paid for it. She was worried about me. We still call it Suicide Watch 25 because it was THAT BAD in my … [Continue]