Lower Sodium Vegetable Egg Rolls

Delicious Vegetables Egg Rolls that are lower in sodium than the traditional recipes

We love oriental food in my house, but because we watch our sodium intake, we typically eat it at home due to the high sodium content this cuisine usually presents. Egg rolls are a great side for stir fries, perfect party appetizers, and they're great for lunch all by themselves. When I make egg rolls, I usually make a big batch and keep a couple out for lunch the next day and freeze the rest in baggies for another meal. This recipe for lower sodium vegetable egg rolls is my favorite, but you can easily add chicken or pork if you'd like. Print Lower Sodium Vegetable Egg Rolls Author: Christy Serves: 12 egg rolls   Ingredients 1 pkg egg roll wrappers 1 tsp ground ginger 2 cups shredded cabbage ½ cup shredded carrots 4 green onions, finely chopped 2 tbsp low sodium Soy Sauce 2⅓ cups cooking oil (I use Canola for frying) Instructions Heat ⅓ cup Canola oil in a large frying pan on the stove top. In a large mixing bowl, toss the … [Continue]

French Toast Crunch Marshmallow & Chocolate Bars

French Toast Crunch, cereal bars, marshmallow bars, chocolate bars, dessert recipe

Before I share this recipe, I should probably tell you that General Mills did send product, recipes, and some fun stuff to facilitate this post, but more importantly, I should probably tell you that #FrenchToastCrunchIsBack and you know you're as excited as I am! This is not my typical recipe, I know that, so I thought I'd just address the elephant in the room before continuing. Although we eat healthy most of the time and I do completely limit my children's intake of sweets, they like the sweet things too, y'all, so I indulge them when I'm moved to do so. Those indulgences often include homemade cereal bars because I can slip protein and/or fiber in, making me feel a little bit better about the whole thing. But let's get back to this recipe, mmmmKay? You remember French Toast Crunch from your childhood, right? The little toast-shaped, maple-flavored bites of deliciousness packed into a cereal box? Yes, those. They're back but lower in sugar (only 9 grams) than their 1995 product … [Continue]

DIY Valentine’s Day Tackle Boxes with Free Printable

Valentine Tackle Boxes, DIY Valentine Gifts

My babies attend a magnet school of oceanic studies and I wanted to send something ocean themed for their Valentine's Day parties this year. I came across an idea for Valentine "tackle boxes" and I just knew I had to figure out how to do it. I know it's a little late to be sharing Valentine's Day ideas, but OH-EM-GEE, y'all, these came out so cute, I just HAD to share so that you can tuck this idea away for next year. Instead of handing out store-bought cards that will just be thrown away by the other kids, my babies will be handing out Valentine's Day Tackle Boxes this year full of candy and crackers instead. This is kind of time consuming so you might not want to make 46 like I did (hello overcommitter), but they are such a cute gift idea, I'm sure your kids would love getting these instead of a store-bought card or gift. If you'd like to make these Valentine's Day Tackle Boxes for your little ones, here's what you'll need (quantities listed are per box): 1 4-Compartment … [Continue]

6 Ways to Fix a Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY (Week)

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We've had a really bad week and a half. Special thanks to Click Communications for sending us an early release copy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY (available on Blu-Ray on 2/10/15) and other fun products to help us get out of our funk and have a great time! I'm not going to complain about this to you (much), but with cold, flu, and virus season, we pretty much had a terrible, horrible, no good, VERY BAD WEEK last week. As in craptastic. The kids were on again, off again, sick all week long and luckily for me...they took turns! One would be fine in the morning (no fever, no cough, no signs of *shudder* vomit) and they'd head to school. I'd get a call around the end of the day that one of them was sick. Again. So much back and forth to school. So many days keeping them home all together. So much not fun stuff happening. But Friday, they were both feeling great and I wanted to kick this terrible, horrible, no good, VERY BAD WEEK and cheer them up. Oh … [Continue]

Low Sodium Taco Casserole

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In my house, we love tacos and we have some version of them every week. We rotate between taco salads, traditional crunchy or soft tacos, and this low sodium taco casserole with homemade taco sauce which is also great for enchiladas. The casserole is probably my favorite to fix because I love meals that taste great, are easy to clean up, and allow you to make sure that everything is piping hot and ready to serve all at the same time. With a crushed corn tortilla crust, ground turkey, corn, beans, cheese, and enchilada sauce, this is one recipe you'll definitely want to try! Print Low Sodium Taco Casserole Author: Christy Recipe type: Main Cuisine: Mexican   Ingredients For the Casserole: 1 lb lean ground turkey 1 can no salt added corn 1 can no salt added red beans of choice, blended in food processor 1½ cups unsalted corn tortilla chips 1½ cups enchilada sauce Enchilada Sauce: 3 tbsp Canola Oil 1 tbsp flour ¼ cup chili powder … [Continue]

My Story…It’s Not Always Sparkly #DayOfLight


Depression isn't always obvious, y'all! It's such a silent condition sometimes. Still we think to ourselves, these crazy people can't control their emotions. They're idiots. Depression is for losers who whine all of the time. We hate all of those whiners. That's all they ever do. Whine. They never seem happy. Life is against them. They tell us often. Or do they? Did you ever stop to consider that the happiest people you know may suffer in silence? They don't whine at all. They sparkle. They shine. Their life is the life that you want. But is it? My friend, Brandi from Mama Knows It All, challenges us all every year to share our depression stories as part of her annual #DayOfLight. I usually ignore her. I mean, for real, no one wants to hear that shit. I'm not depressed. I'm happy. I sparkle, dammit. That's what you need to hear, that's what I need to tell you. I'm happy. I'm always effing happy. Always. Sort of. I allude to my depression I guess when I tell you of my marital or … [Continue]