DIY Diet Coke Bottle Patio Tiki Torches Tutorial

DIY Coke Patio Tiki Torch Tutorial

This post was inspired by Collective Bias, Inc. (my employer) and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #UniquelyMine #CollectiveBias DIY Diet Coke Bottle Patio Tiki Torches Tutorial Demonic mosquitoes an issue in your neck of the woods this year too? Take matters into your own hands when you make these trendy and unique DIY Diet Coke Bottle Patio Tiki Torches. Colorful, economical, and a great upcycle project, this simple DIY will help you keep those mosquitoes away, and they'll serve as a great conversation starter at your next outdoor gathering. It doesn't really take much time, or a whole lot of supplies, to make these DIY Diet Coke Bottle Patio Tiki Torches, and in the end, they cost way less than store bought, plus they're so much more fun. I love a good (simple) DIY project, and when it's a great conversation piece, that makes it even better! All you need to fight the demons this year (seriously, y'all, we live in Texas, the mosquitoes are the devil's spawn here) … [Continue]

The Storm Will Pass. The Spring Will Come.

Spring is a new beginning

Spring is a time of new beginnings for all of us. Never make rash decisions based on the winter storm's events. The storm will pass. The spring will come. Embrace the warmer weather. Embrace the blooming flowers. Embrace what you love the most and be the change. Every spring, I seem to re-evaluate my life. I guess we all do.The storm will pass. What changes can I make in this world, to my life, to make it a better place? I'm often tempted to throw in the towel and just give up after braving the winter storms. I think we all are. Being cooped up, both literally and figuratively, makes us all feel that way at some level, I guess. That overwhelming feeling of, is this really all working out for me, is it all worth it, kind of gets to you, you know? I know you know. So, what do you do? Do you throw in the proverbial towel and just decide that the struggles aren't worth it anymore and start anew with a whole new life? I mean, we're all getting old (as we read my dribble), so is it all … [Continue]

The Birthday Jinx: On This Day In History

The Birthday Jinx #ThisIs49

On this day in history, April 19th, a lot of horrific events have happened over the years. Events no one wants to associate with celebration, certainly not this birthday jinx. Tragic events. If you share a birthday with this historically jinxed day, do you celebrate, or hide and hope that nothing else bad happens? Fact, today is my birthday. I've been somewhat in hiding all day trying to avoid the birthday jinx. This has nothing (OK, almost nothing) to do with my age. I don't want the birthday jinx to hit again. On this day in history, April 19th, a lot of horrific stuff has happens and I'd like to skip that this year. So, I'm skipping my birthday and I hope everyone can respect that in light of all of the bad shit that happens in the world these days. Dramatic? Not really. Let's review. April 19, 1775 - It was the Shot Heard Round the World and that didn't really work out well. War, in my humble opinion, never does. (BUT, that was a long time ago; it was a one time thing, … [Continue]

Just a Mom Busy Capturing Memories Behind the Lens

A Mom's Life from Behind the Lens

As moms, I think a lot of us come off as absent from our family's lives because we're never in every day photos, especially in my circles. But I promise you, we aren't absent; we're just busy capturing memories behind the lens. If you look hard enough, you'll see we're in every reflection and memory with love. Although it doesn't always look like it, especially on social media, I'm always with my family. I'm always there, behind the camera lens, capturing memories so that they never forget. I'm there. And just like that camera is always in my hand, memories of them are forever etched in my mind. They are beautiful memories, my family is beautiful, so I enjoy sharing them with my friends and family from behind the lens. But I'm not absent. At all. I'm always their reflections. The reflections in their eyes, in their smiles. In every photo that you don't see me as a part of my family's life, I'm there. I might be the shadow you never see because I edit it out, but I'm … [Continue]

The Best Low Sodium Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Heart Healthy Cheese Steak IINAO

Just so you know, I received some amazing soapstone cookware from UncommonGoods that allowed me to make the best Low Sodium Cheese Steak Sandwiches in under 30 minutes and share the recipe here with you today! With the perfect mix of fresh and frozen foods, and the help of some magical soapstone cookware, these Low Sodium Cheese Steak Sandwiches are a satisfying and healthy weeknight meal that can be on your table in less than 30 minutes. Sautéed fresh onions, mushrooms, and peppers, along with glorious melted cheese, sit atop steak patties on  a toasted bun covered in spicy mustard. Stop drooling. I know. This might just be the perfect meal, right? Something you'd find at your favorite deli? One of those greasy tabu indulgences that you only get to enjoy once a year? Yea, those. But today's your lucky day. You know why? Because this amazing sandwich is NOT greasy, it's incredibly economical, it houses all of the required food groups (you're welcome, moms), it's low in sodium (your … [Continue]

5 Months Into Therapy, We Broached the Word “Plateau”

Therapy Fail IINAO

If you've even broken a limb, a hinge, experienced a life-altering event, you understand that the road to recovery is long. But what do you do when the word Plateau is broached during a therapy session 5 months into your recovery? Yes, this is yet another post about my elbow. I know, y'all, it's getting old to you. It's getting old to me too. It's been five months since my life-altering injury. The unfortunate evening of September 4, 2015 that I now (un)affectionately refer to as #Elbowgeddon2015. I'm over it. But I'm not. I'm no longer officially broken, because my bones are healed, officially. You might even say I'm unbroken, if you will. But I'm not. At all. And I'm tired. I'm coping. In fact, I'm working and carrying on with my life as if nothing ever happened. On the outside. I'm typing well again (with my now unbroken arm winged out at a 90 so that my hand can find the keys). I'm cooking, cleaning, and taking photos (sort of) with my shoulder raised high (because it helps … [Continue]