ICE LAND at Moody Gardens…It’s Cold, but It’s Cool!

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Thanks to Schlitterbahn, Moody Gardens, and US Family Guide, we had an awesome (but freezing) time seeing amazing ice sculptures for the holidays. As always, all opinions and photos are entirely my own. #BahnHoliday #MGIceLand Last weekend, we surfed with Santa on Saturday in the balmy Texas sun and then on Sunday, we headed to Moody Gardens ICE LAND for some frigid fun. And by frigid, I mean like 9 degrees frigid. We're not talking Celsius people, we're talking Fahrenheit (OMGoodness...I had no clue how to spell that word). It was super cool, but it was super cold too. Have I mentioned that? But it was amazing. I mean, who knew people could do all of this with ice? A skilled team of 31 internationally-acclaimed professional ice carvers from Harbin, China dove into 900 tons of ice and transformed them into majestic marvels featuring holiday scenes with the beloved Bikini Bottom inhabitants from Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants. Bubby was SO there. And so I followed along. But … [Continue]

The Galveston Seawall

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As you all know, I love this island. I love its history. I love its resiliency. It's an amazing and beautiful place that I'm happy to call home. Our history is rich, and our people are strong. Our Seawall stands because the citizens before me weren't willing to give up on this amazing island, despite the storms. The fact that Galveston still exists today after the Great Storm of 1900, Ike, and countless other storms is because of the determination of our government and citizens. The Seawall began construction in September of 1902 and the first 3.3 miles was complete in July of 1904. It was extended to over 10 miles between 1904 and 1963. Its purpose is to protect the island and the people who live here from the Gulf surges that hurricanes produce. It continues to protect us from storms, even today, and has saved countless lives over the years. Our Seawall is beautiful, despite the attempts to defile it with graffiti. It's functional and I'm comforted in knowing that it's there to … [Continue]

Surf with Santa at Schlitterbahn’s Holiday Splash

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Thanks to Schlitterbahn, Moody Gardens, and US Family Guide, we had the best weekend ever surfing with Santa, riding the waves, and seeing amazing ice sculptures for the holidays. As always, all opinions and photos are entirely my own. #BahnHoliday #MGIceLand I'm a huge fan of Christmas. I love everything about it. Until now, I thought I lived the perfect life during the holiday season. Now I know I was missing out. My kids, my family, have been missing out for years. But no more! Surfing with Santa is a thing and island living just got better because Schlitterbahn's Holiday Splash thrilled my babies this weekend and I'll be hard pressed to ever one up this new holiday tradition. You don't have a desire to surf with Santa (what is wrong with you)? There's still plenty more to do and this is the place you'll want to be this holiday season. My babies love Schlitterbahn during the summer, and the minute we walked in, I knew they'd love it just as much during the winter months. … [Continue]

We’re Going to Surf with Santa and Visit SpongeBob at ICE LAND!

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Thanks to Schlitterbahn, Moody Gardens, and US Family Guide, we'll be surfing with Santa at Schlitterbahn and visiting SpongeBob at Moody Gardens ICE LAND this weekend. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. #BahnHoliday #MGIceLand Do you remember over the summer when we had the Bubby dubbed, "best day ever" at Schlitterbahn Galveston? Well, guess what? Dudes, we're going back for some holiday fun. That's right, a water park in the wintertime, because our island is cool like that. Santa is inviting kids to a very different kind of holiday party – Holiday Splash at Schlitterbahn Galveston Island. During the park’s Holiday Splash, which takes place weekends and select dates from November 28, 2014 through January 4, 2015, Santa is giving surf lessons to kids on the Boogie Bahn (I'm pocket sized, I'm going to try to slip in the line too). Kids can also make holiday ornaments, swim in an artificial snow storm, and enjoy a sprinkle of holiday cheer. Wait. What? That's not enough … [Continue]

Crock Pot Chicken Fiesta Soup {Taco Soup}

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This Crock Pot Chicken Fiesta Soup got its official name from Bug. Well, more like it got its name from me because I had to entice Bug to eat it. I've made this before and she loves it, but on one particularly "difficult" evening, she decided Chicken Taco Soup didn't sound appealing. I quickly retorted that it was Chicken Enchilada Soup. She didn't buy that either. But when I cleverly blurted in an excited tone that this was now Chicken Fiesta Soup, she decided that sounded fun and that of course she would have a bowl, or two. So from here on out, this soup will forever be dubbed Chicken Fiesta Soup. It's super simple to make on the stove top or in the Crock Pot, and this lower sodium recipe is also heart healthy for an added bonus. This is seriously one of the simplest recipes I make because everything comes out of a can or a bag. I toss everything in the Crock Pot in the morning in minutes, and by dinnertime, we have a house full of delicious aromas and a one-pot meal everyone … [Continue]

Dear Society, Kylee is NEVER Going to Fit in Your Round Hole and It’s OK!

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Dear school teachers, dear school admins, dear society, I get it. She drives me crazy too. But Kylee, my Bug, is never going to fit in your round holes. Don't force her to conform. She can't. Although it pains me, I won't make her. She's not built like everyone else and that's what makes her unique. She's clever, she's cunning, but she's not cut from the same cloth that you are. Don't make her think that she's anything less because she's different. She's not less. She's different. Don't get me wrong, when she's awake, when she's making me doubt my parenting skills, I get frustrated too. But then I step back and really look at her. I look deeply into those big blue, knowing, defiant eyes, and I see the spark. When I watch her peacefully sleep, I see her "normal". And it's in those moments that I know that my square peg is anything but less. She's more. More than you'll ever know because you don't give her a chance. Give her rote activities and she won't do well. Challenge her creative … [Continue]