If You’re Going To Exert Authority, At Least Use Spellcheck

Yesterday after yet another lengthy, heated argument with my apartment leasing office (Barbie to be exact) over a totally absurd notice I had received, I was feeling like maybe I’d been a bit harsh. You see, I do tend to be a little brutal (although more overly honest to a fault) at times. In the midst of my tirade, I pointed out that this notice was filled with so many typos that I could barely understand the gist and explained that although I knew they were only trying to exert their authority, it might be more effective if they used a simple tool called “spellcheck” which was free with all computer software. I used little words while I explained this concept and proceeded to explain that every notice they had posted since taking over this complex had been illiterate at best. She was offended, I could tell, my work here was done, quid pro quo, tit for tat, eye for an eye! So today, I realized that I had made an impact as I went to check my mail. Posted all over the mailboxes was the notice I have pictured here. So let’s say I play nice and overlook the obvious lack/misuse of punctuation and capitalization, and just focus on the blatantly obvious. At first glance, one might think they were just illiterate idiots, but no, look again. They did use spellcheck as I had suggested. But apparently they had butchered the word “inconvenience” so badly that even the illustrious spellcheck could not recognize it and instead made one of its horrible suggestions….and they bought it! So, although they do have the authority here and can make my life miserable if they so chose, somehow I think I’ve won the battle. I mean, look who’s getting the last laugh! Sure as hell isn’t Barbie!
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