More Bugisms

Today, Bug was on a roll, and although days like these are my most trying, they are also the ones that make me laugh the hardest (in between the sobbing of course). Today’s top 3 Bugisms:
Number 3: Bug “Mom, how many days am I gonna be 4?”. Me “365”. Bug “Dang…I hate that number, I was sooooo looking forward to being 5!”. I do believe that she is plotting world domination by the age of 5, so let’s all relish this time we have before we are under “The Rule of the Bug”.
Number 2: In the shower today, Bug was singing her rather loud rendition of Old McDonald and I hear “Old McDonald had a farm, E.I.E.I.O. And on his car he had a pig, E.I.E.I.O. With a quack quack here, and a moo moo there, here a nay there a nay, everywhere a beep beep….E.I.E.I.OOOO”. Wow, seriously, is she confused or just strange? I really don’t think she is confused at all so I’d have to opt for the latter!
And my favorite of the day (and one of my top 10 of all time I do believe);
Number 1: As I stated, she has been trying me all day. We were finishing up the Christmas decorating, and I guess she sensed my frustration and obviously overdue boiling point so she sweetly looked at me and said “Mom…I’m sorry for the heart attack and headache today…I really am !”.
You just have to love the giggles between the challenges! These are the things that get us through the day. I hope you all had a day filled with your own little Bugisms! Sparkle on!

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  1. Jumped your link from a comment on my diet blog… The “good corn” recipe looks interesting… may try it this weekend.

    You said of Bug, “I do believe that she is plotting world domination by the age of 5.” My wife and I have a boy named Skylar whom we often call “Sky Bug”… he is four and says that when he grows up that he wants to be either a pirate or an evil genious.

    I noticed that one of your kids is called “bubba”… which part of the South are you in? We’ve just moved from Lexington, Kentucky to Northern Kentucky (burbs of Cincinnati).