Kids Say The Darnedest (and Truest) Things

So let me set the stage here, in walks Mom of Resident Evil for the start of my hectic day. Only today is different because Lucifer is with his “real” dad for the next month or so (insert angels singing here). Oh and for the record, I am not a fan of the word “real” when referring to parents that abandon their children while the step parent gets all the flack and is not accepted as the “real” parent (yes, I do have bitter tales to tell of my own), but that is the word they use so that is what we will use here as well. Anyway, she walks in with Mischief only and we have a little idle chit-chat about the exchange with the “real” dad.
In walks Bug with a very serious look on her beautiful little face. She approaches Mom of Resident Evil and in a very mature tone (she had managed to lower her voice an octave or so, and although still squeaky, it was much more convincing), she says, “I’m concerned that Mischief is NOT learning boundaries. She’s old enough but she’s not learning. It’s all getting to be too much for ME. I really don’t think this is working out. With all the extra work MY mom does to train YOUR kid, she gets very ‘aggertated’ and me and Bubby don’t like this. And for peanuts….errrrgggg! Boundaries….boundaries….boundaries…it’s not that hard!”. Then she smiled and walked away.
Breath held, I watched Bug walk away, and looked over at Mom of Resident Evil to see what her reaction to this revelation might be. She simply looked at me, giggled, and said “kids…”. She handed me Mischief and said, “OK, I’ll see you after work, have a good day!”. WOW! I mean seriously, WOW!
I came away from this little episode with two valuable lessons. Number One: Watch what I talk about in front of Bug, she does listen, she may not do as I say, but she sure does listen and absorb like a sponge. And Number Two: Some people were not meant to parent and all the coaching in the world (even from a 4-year-old) will not change this fact.
Now every time I look at these two ill-mannered, not quite as beautiful as the rest children, all I can think is “Bless their little hearts!”. Well, at least I got a giggle out of Bug’s monologue, that has to be worth something!

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