I’m A Dork…I Can Prove It!

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I may not LOOK like a dork, or exactly openly ACT like a dork, but really when it all comes down to ME, I AM a dork. I can prove it and once I do, I don’t think you’ll be able to argue my point. Hold on to your hats people because what I am about to share is serious dorkness at its best!
#10 The word DORK makes me laugh, so does the word TWIRP, but that’s a different topic!
#9 The Disney Channel is my favorite! I actually am disappointed when my husband comes home from work and changes it. No, it’s not just for the kids anymore. I’m addicted!
#8 I watch my palm tree grow, I chart its growth, and I even post pictures of it on FB and get excited when people comment on it’s progress.
#7 I make hemp jewelry, I count the knots, I count the beads, and if someone interrupts my counting, I have a little piece of paper I note my knot count on. Well, this one is dorky and OCD…it’s a toss-up!
#6 When we go places as a family, I like if we coordinate colors. Our outfits don’t have to match (although that would be fabulous), but I always wait for everyone else to get dressed, then change what I’m wearing to compliment (that’s a non-dorky word for match) what they are wearing! 
#5 If I post a status on FB and people don’t comment, my feelings get hurt!
#4 I love American Idol. I don’t just love it, I mean I get so into it that I campaign for my contestant. I take this very personally. If you knock my contestant, I don’t like you anymore! I’m not kidding! If my contestant wins, I will rub it in your face…that’s how I roll!
#3 Have you ever watched Wizards of Waverly Place? It’s awesome! I SO wish I was in a wizard family. I would most definitely win the wizard contest. Wait, how do I sign up for that? Must.figure.this.out!
#2 My kids and I often dance in our living room. We aren’t good, but we think we are and that’s all that matters. And hey, I might be a dork, but I do keep the blinds closed when we do it! I’m a dork….NOT STUPID!
#1 I am a Hannah Montana freak! Heck, I’m a Cyrus family freak! I love them! I cried when I heard Billy Ray and Tish were getting a divorce! I have seen all of the Hannah Montana AND Hannah Montana Forever episodes (multiple times) and I will watch them all again. I would wear Hannah Montana and Billy Ray t-shirts if I could find them in my size (and if they coordinated with my families’ outfits of course). I know all of the songs AND I’m proud of it!
Yes people, I am a dork! I’m a proud and happy dork! I believe I have always been a dork but I didn’t allow myself to realize and ADMIT it until I hit my 40’s. You know the 40’s is the new DORKY apparently and I’m digging the dorky! Sparkle on people and revel in your dorkitude…it is your right. Be proud! I think there are more of me out there than care to admit it! Don’t hide anymore, join me! We are DORK, hear us roar!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You KNOW I am so on board the Dork train with you!! -WW :)

  2. JanetGoingCrazy says:

    Love this!! I should list out the reasons I’m a dork, too! It would be interesting…

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