GOOOD Job Mommy!

My Bug is a handful (why yes, I do believe I’ve mentioned that before) but sometimes she makes me laugh, really hard actually.  We had one of those moments today in between the usual chaos. I’ve been trying to teach Bubby to count.  This boy is like a sponge, extremely brilliant in my opinion, he picks up on things very quickly and has a phenomenal memory so I work with him as often as possible.  He loves the counting but he’s a DO, NINE, DEN (that would be 2, 9, 10 for those of you that aren’t fluent in 2-year-old) kind of guy so we work on this frequently.  I guess Bug felt that I needed some practice as well.  

So earlier today, she walks up to me and holds all the fingers up on her little left hand and says “Mommy, how many fingers am I holding up?”.  Always sensing a “trick” from this one, I answered “5” since Bubby was listening intently.  Then while still holding up her left hand, she proceeds to hold up all of the fingers on her right hand and again asks “Mommy, NOW how many fingers am I holding up?”.  OK, I guess we were just having a regular lesson, no trick, so I answered “10” and held my breath for the results.  

She beamed with pride and said “Good job Mommy, GOOOD JOB”!  Bubby too looked pleased.  Whew, was that ever a relief!  Here I am only 43 and have been studying that forever, and apparently I got both answers right!  I’d passed her test, a very proud moment indeed!  So glad I’m finally learning something and getting her approval!  They certainly are doing a fine job with me!

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