Don’t Cut The Curls!

So Bubby was one when he got his first hair cut and the lady butchered it!  Like a lot of Moms, I was not only devastated, but was afraid his curls were gone forever.  But I let it grow, and they came back, just as beautiful as ever.  From recent posts, you can see that maybe I let it grow too much, but those curls really are beautiful!  He was beginning to look a little too much like my daughters, so I gave in to the pressure and got his hair cut this week.  I kept my fingers crossed…don’t cut too much…not too little…but for God’s Sake, leave the curls!

I wasn’t the only one that didn’t seem pleased (even the lady in the background looks worried)!

  And she cut….(nice girl though, really!)
And she cut…we were all concerned!  But….
The Bub’s curls are in tact…just a little shorter…a little neater!  What a handsome little man I have!  He deserved that sucker too.  He’s not only beautiful, he’s a good boy too!  I’m a very lucky Mommy indeed!



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