Only At Wal Mart

I was going to skip Wordless Wednesday this week because it is just WRONG (funny as hell) of me to post this picture….but seriously….I just couldn’t resist!  You know those “Only At Wal Mart” emails that circulate that make you laugh so hard and you think “Naw…that’s not real”?  Well guess what?  It is real and I had one of those moments this week.  And of course I snapped the picture, wouldn’t you?
Please note that the lady in the sequin skirt with the pleather boots is wearing a black t-shirt with a yellow smiley face on it.  This would have made for a better picture, I’m stupid bold, but I’m not looking to get punched in the face, I was NOT going to snap this while they were looking!  And the guy, well, that is NOT a kilt.  That is a true 80’s skirt (come on ladies, you know you had one so you know what I’m talking about).  The skirt paired with the tennis shoes and the hoodie…PRICELESS!  We don’t get out much so thankfully when we do, things like this present themselves and are always good for a little giggle (oh who the hell am I trying to kid? I laughed for about 2 hours over this….I’m still laughing).  
Hope I don’t offend anyone with this (and hopefully they aren’t readers of my blog) but this is funny, really funny!  And if you are offended by this post, you’re probably in the wrong place!  Have a great week y’all, and always laugh at the silly stuff!  

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  1. Too funny!!!! What is it about Walmart! lol