Bug Step Away From The Camera

Our kids get to enjoy things we were never able to as children thanks to technology.  For instance, my parents would have NEVER allowed me to use their camera and of course they wouldn’t!  Cameras were huge, film was expensive, and processing was costly and took forever.  Now thanks to tiny digital cameras, I am able to allow my 4-year-old to snap at will and I can download them in moments for her viewing pleasure and just “delete” them from my camera.  She loves this, what 4-year-old wouldn’t?  Below is some of her handy work over the past few months.  I think we still have a little work to do, but her photography (just like her) is a work in progress!  I just love what she thinks is picture-worthy!  These were her selected “favorites”.  She wanted y’all to see them.  You see, she is a “reader” of my blog so she actually demanded requested that I put these on here today!

 The Self-Portrait (not extremely flattering, but quite comical)

The Picture of The Pictures (of course, why didn’t I think of that?)
The Picture of The Cluttered Counter Top (my punishment I’m sure)

Mom and Dad On The Way Home From Georgia (at least it’s centered-ish)

  My Bug Rocks!


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