Week 2: Just Because You CAN….Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD!

I know I’m late with this post, but Bubby’s been a bit under the weather (just a cold but we didn’t get out much this weekend) and then today was HECTIC trying to establish my Texas residency (a whole nother long story).  I know, excuses…excuses.  I’m sure you were all waiting with baited breath for this post and had I not been able to accommodate, I know you would have trouble making it through the week! So without further ado, here is my second post in the series, Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should!  
Certainly not the high caliber of my first post, but as I said, we didn’t get out to the beach this weekend and that’s where all the really crazy shit interesting stuff happens!  So who knew a simple grocery shopping trip to Kroger would be the setting for this week’s addition (oh me, I knew, I see them ALL of the time)?!  
Mind you, I’m not particularly opposed to the short skirt, I’m not particularly opposed to the high boots, I’m OK with (and have my own) tattoos BUT if you are grocery shopping, is this all necessary?  If it is 80 degrees out, why are you wearing knee-ish high boots?  Is this really grocery shopping attire?  Really, is it?  I was a little tired this weekend from the lack of sleep, but I swear to you,there were no less than 5 of these women at this particular store! 

One was in her very early 20’s and she was wearing nothing but her boots and a hoodie (that’s right, just the sweatshirt and boots, nothing else?).  I tried to snap a picture of the little bitch princess too but her damned mother kept getting in the way!
If there was a memo that went out to every female on the island telling us to wear our knee-high boots while grocery shopping, I didn’t get mine.  Maybe I was the one that looked like the fool!  Who knows?  You be the judge!
Stop back by next Monday for another post, summer’s quickly approaching and they’ll only get better from here!  My feeling is, by the end of the summer, you’ll either love me or hate me, but either way, I think you’ll laugh a bit and we all need some laughter in our lives!

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  1. haha~ so funny. Looking forward to next week! New follower from MBC
    ~Ava xx