Bugisms…Her View On My Birthday

My Bug is a mess!  And my Bug on my birthday is an hysterical mess!  Tuesday was my 40 eh-hem, something birthday and Bug had her own idea of how it should go.  As usual her Bugisms cracked me up and I thought I’d share them with you.  
#1 – When discussing dinner plans, I told Bug that Daddy was taking us out for a surprise dinner.  She was excited and since she is like me, she doesn’t like surprises and wanted to know where we were going.  I told her I didn’t have a clue and that we were going to let Daddy surprise us…just this one time.  She guessed and she guessed, then she demanded.  We were going to China.  I said, “Bug you don’t even like Chinese food”.  She said, “No I don’t but I want to go to China where the dragons are”.  Oh yes, my Bug, we should drive to the actual continent of China for my birthday, that’s do-able!
#2 – On Monday, we weren’t having a particularly wonderful day (surprise) so I say “Hey Baby, tomorrow is Mommy’s birthday, how bout you be good for me?”.  She says “Where is your party and when?”.  I say “I’m grown baby, I’m not having a party, it’s just my birthday and the only present I want is for my babies to be good”.  Quickly she says “Well, if you aren’t having a party, I’m not gonna be good”.  Nuff said!  Note to self, next year, plan the party!
#3 – Getting ready to go on my surprise dinner.  This was fabulous. I was told to wear a dress, I was told it was a surprise, I was told I would like it.  I was getting excited.  I showered, I put on my makeup, I was straightening my hair, and I was sifting through those dresses I had forgotten about and picking shoes to match.  Apparently Bug was watching all the while.  When her Daddy got home, he said “Where is Mommy?  Is she ready yet?”.  Bug said “No, but Mommy has a lot of pretty dresses and she has so many sparkly dancing shoes in her closet, did you know that?”.  OK, this might not sound funny to all of you, but to us, it was hysterical and eye-opening.  You see at that moment, I realized that she didn’t realize that Mommy had a very different life before.  I had a “job” since she was born but she doesn’t remember.  All she remembers of Mommy is tank tops and flip flops (and booty shorts according to her Daddy).  She didn’t realize that Mommy used to wear real shoes (dancing shoes at that) and that Mommy had real dresses and that Mommy wasn’t always….well…a Mommy!  Funny how they see us.  Funny that we don’t even notice.  
Wish I had taken a picture of myself “all dressed up like a grown up”, but I didn’t.  Oh well, take my word…I was wearing a little black dress with sparkly pink and black dancing shoes!  Probably won’t happen for another year, or if I go to China, or if I get to have a party, but it happened, and it was a good day! 

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