Early Edition: Just Because You Can…..Week 4

We’re moving.  We might not have Internet access come Monday and I really just wanted to share my “find” for the week.  This gem (again found at Walmart *SURPRISE*) just couldn’t wait!  Honestly, I would have rather seen the guy in the speedo again than this….and around food….ewwahh!

First glance, not that big of a deal, well not to some anyway!  Lots of people sport muffin tops, it’s all gross good!

Second look points out the fact that her shirt is indeed long enough to be pulled down over this mess flesh (note that it is sufficiently “bunched” to be pulled down).  Oh and ha ha, you can see her phone tucked into her right butt cheek in this one, that’s funny to me for some reason (because I’m sick like that).
Closer look reveals that yes that is her butt crack hanging out above her way-too-tightly fitted jeans!

Closer look confirms it, yes that IS indeed her butt crack!  What the crap lady?  Please, please, please pull your shirt down!  Please?  

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