Our Day at Fetish Mart (Er Um, I Mean Wal Mart)

I’m a Wal Mart shopper.  I’m there at least 3 times per week (yes I’m certain only 3 times, so what if every time I walk in the door, they call me by name? Makes me feel like Norm from Cheers. Its all good.).  I see some crazy stuff there, and it makes me wonder.  If they carry this shit stuff, must mean people are buying it, right?  Right!  Hence my Monday installment of “Just Because You Can (buy it at Wal Mart) Doesn’t Mean You Should”.  I mean seriously, if people didn’t buy it, surely they would stop carrying it.  Surely they would!

With that said, this week I was on Wal Mart trip #1 with Bug and Bubby.  We had lots to get so we were in all the departments.  Two items in particular disturbed me so I’ve chosen to showcase them here.  

At first glance, these beauties aren’t all that disturbing.  I mean, of course it’s OK for little boys to wear character underwear.  It’s exciting for them I guess.  You wouldn’t catch my son in anything like this, but I know it’s normal.  However these were proudly displayed in the men’s department.  Yes, that’s right, grown man whitey tighty style Flash Gordan underoos. I mentioned you wouldn’t catch my son in anything like this but seriously, if my husband came home in anything like this, you better freaking believe it would be grounds for divorce.  Mind you (as you might see hints in the picture) Flash isn’t the only variety of this disturbing trend, there are others.  I left the department with a slight taste of a vomit in my mouth.  EWWAAHH!
This brings us to disturbing item #2 and seriously, WTF?  Our last stop that day was in the toy department.  The kids had gift cards, they were excited to spend them.  I looked around with them and THIS is what I saw in the doll aisle.  Since when does Wal Mart carry “adult” toys and why did they chose to put this (and about 50 of its equally disturbing friends) in the children’s toy section?  Bug asked me what it was, I diverted her attention.  I had no answer for that!  To me, this belonged with the Flash underoos in some darkened corner in some cheesy store somewhere in a place where children and decent people are not allowed.  This is not a child’s toy.  This is disgusting (but seriously funny as hell), and honestly only someone that would wear Flash underoos would purchase it!
Thankfully, Bug picked a cute little piggie in a teacup that talks to her and Bubby picked up a Cars truck.  We paid for our items and left Fetish Mart for the day. I am still left wondering why they are carrying these items. Oh well, as long as they do, I’ll keep taking and sharing pictures.  Gives us all something to talk about anyway!  Do they carry things like this in your neck of the woods?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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