Rule #1 According To Bug

The Princess, Her Royal Highness, Bug
Princess Bug has been making unofficial rules since the day she was born.  I have not documented all of these rules but I try to adhere to them out of fear of the consequences in order to keep the peace in the kingdom. 

Today at lunch however, she set a precedence prior to her proclamation by actually officially numbering the rule. Therefore I think I shall begin documenting them here for you.  You might want to include them in your own rule lists as they are quite nonsensical regal!

Long story short, today started as any other day, and by lunch time, I knew I must ask the princess what she wanted for lunch.  So the conversation went as such:
Me:  “Bug, what would you and Bubby like for lunch?”
Bug: “Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches please.”
Me:  “Coming right up”.  
Then I dutifully got out all of the necessary ingredients and commenced to fixing.  As I put the first swipe of peanut butter on the first slice of bread, she began singing “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and I quickly chimed in.  This had been our ritual since she had learned to talk and I had taught her the song, so I thought (silly me) I was doing the right thing.  WRONG!
She immediately stopped me!  What the?  And so it was written, so it was told…Rule #1 was put into the New Doctrine According To Bug!
Bug:  “Mom, wait….Rule #1!”  (at this point I swear I heard the sound of trumpets in the background so I knew this was an official proclamation and I should take heed).  
Me:  “What’s Rule #1 Bug?”
Bug: “When I’m singing Peanut Butter Jelly Time, you don’t sing it.  This is my time to shine.”
Me:  “You’re serious?”
Bug: “Yes, but if I don’t feel like singing it, then you can, that’s Rule #1.”
So as I made the sandwiches, she continued to sing, and I did not.  This was NOT fun but this was the official proclamation, so I had to obey.  I will concede on this one, but she will NOT take the Happy Little Working Song from my repertoire!  No way, no how!
Life with Bug is not easy.  I’m waiting with baited breath on Official Rule #2, I can only imagine.  
It’s hard being the servant mother of a princess.  Wish me luck people, she’s only 4.  This could be a long fairy tale!

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