Rule #2 According To Bug

When I started this little series, who knew the rules would start flying so quickly?  Who knew?  Well, I sure as hell did!  You see when this little adorable tyrant princess sets her mind to something, she sticks with it!  She’s decided she will start establishing the rules around here, and she meant it.  
Well, again it started out like any other morning.  Husband up and out at the crack of dawn (literally, the poor guy has to leave before 5:00 am), me up by 6:00 am to shower and ready the place for the day’s torment adventures, and the babies still asleep (oh yea and the THREE unexpected house guests sprawled out snoozing….more on that later).  The new little minion cherub arrives at 8:00 am (over 45 minutes late?  wth?  I could have slept in) but that just meant I got a few “extras” done before she got here so maybe today would be productive?  Of course it would, and it would be another fabulous day!
By then Bubby was already up and running around……and the princess lay sleeping all nestled (and snoring) in her bed.  Never wake a princess…..NEVER!  
The royal one awoke at about 9:00 am ready to assume her place on the throne all bright-eyed and bushy tailed.  I could see it in her eyes, that look that possibly my earlier assessment of a good day might not have been accurate.  
We moved quickly through the early part of the day without incidence.  Breakfast (Pop tarts and oatmeal), a little reading, of course some TV (moms need breaks too…shut up), and the girls were hungry, always hungry.  It was 10:45 am so I gave them some fruit snacks and milk to tide them over until lunch.  
At 11:15 am, she did it.  The second official proclamation.  And it was just as asinine royal and brilliant as the first.  The announcement of the new canon went something like this here:
“Mom can I have some grapes?”

“No baby, not now.”

“But Mo-om why?” (Damned Phineas and Ferb….I swear she sounds exactly like Candace….SWEAR!)
“It’s not even lunch time and you’ve already had a Pop tart, oatmeal, and some fruit snacks.”
“I don’t want lunch….I want a SNACK…grapes.”
“You already had a snack, you had fruit snacks.”
“Those aren’t snacks Mom….DUH!”
“Really?  Then why is it in the name?  Fruit SNACKS?”
“Because that’s MY rule Mom….now give me some grapes please and thank you!”
And so the 2nd commandment according to Bug went into the doctrine.  The official document reads simply:  “RULE #2:  FRUIT SNACKS ARE NOT SNACKS….DUH!”.  And hence forth, we shall call them fruit NOT snacks in our house to accommodate the bossy noble one!

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait for the next one!  Stay tuned for more of this nonsense fascinating material!
Footnote #1:  For those of my smart ass adoring followers that would ask if I gave in…NO, I did NOT give her the grapes (this time).
Footnote #2:  As I was attempting to type this post since the younger two are napping, after eating 6 chicken nuggets and 3 (yes THREE) helpings of macaroni and cheese for lunch, and more fruit NOT snacks about an hour later, my harasser princess actually walked up to me to tell me she was hungry and wanted another Pop tart (yes, this time I gave in, I had things to do…shut up!).
Footnote #3:  As I was attempting to type this post, Dad walked in and went straight for the frig and got out the grapes.  He gave her some!  UGH! 

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