Hey Colgate – Smiling Is Our Favorite! #BuildingSmiles Tour, Please Visit Galveston Soon!

We are a family of smilers.  Smiling is our favorite (well that and singing, and dancing, and twirling, oh and skipping…we love skipping)!  We live a happy life on an island, so what’s not to smile about? Lucky for us, we’re a Colgate family with all of this smiling going on!
Our Colgate of choice is Colgate Total Clean Mint Paste.  I even keep the little travel size tubes for the little ones.  They actually prefer this to the bubble gum flavors and having the little travel size tubes around (just their size) makes it easier for them to handle themselves!
And believe it or not, my kids actually LIKE to brush.  They brush at least twice a day, sometimes more!  Singing the ♪♫BRUSH TEETH..BRUSH TEETH♫♪ song before, during, and after brushing!  Oh what fun!
My children have beautiful smiles!  One of those smiles cost me upwards of $5000, and a couple more need braces which will happen soon, so keeping those smiles pearly white and beautiful is very important to me!  As parents, I’m certain that oral hygiene, along with beautiful smiles, for your family is important to you as well!

So when I heard about the Colgate Building Smiles Tour, of course I was intrigued!  According to Sara Blake over at SuperSavingSense, this program provides free dental care screenings for millions of children 12 and under for FREE!  Volunteer dentists and staff load up in mobile dental vans to provide this service, and this summer, they may be visiting a local retailer such as Walmart near you!  You can read more about the tour and how you can get further information and tour dates and locations here Colgate Reaches Out to the Community with #BuildingSmiles Tour. Sara had the pleasure of attending one of their Phoenix stops and in her post, she details all of the fabulous services they provide!  After reading her post, I highly recommend that you visit them if they stop anywhere in your area!  Actually looks like fun!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend one personally because the closest stop is over an hour away (my opinion, still well worth the drive) but the tour stopping there this past weekend was rescheduled and I’m just waiting for it to come back around.  Hey, maybe they’ll even schedule one here on the island where we are all shiny happy people who love to smile!  
Do you love smiling as much as we do?  Do you struggle with your children’s oral hygiene routines?  Do you want to keep those teeth sparkling and healthy for a lifetime?  If you answered yes to any (and I sincerely hope all) of these questions, here are my recommendations (and although I’m not a dentist nor do I play one on TV, I’m pretty proud of our smiles and teeth):

 1)  Visit your dentist regularly, and start your children at a very early age (if they have teeth, they’re old enough to go).
2)  Use Colgate products (they really are awesome)
3)  Try utilizing a “teeth brushing chart” as suggested by the #BuildingSmiles Tour if your children don’t find brushing fun!
4)  Brush and floss at least twice a day.
5)  Sing and dance with your children daily, about everything, all the time!  It motivates them to do things they normally wouldn’t want to do and helps show off those fabulous smiles! 
 And hey, did I mention smiling is our favorite?

This post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #CollectiveBias.  Colgate did not provide me with any content for this post.  All opinions, writing, and pictures, etc. are completely my own.


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