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See that over there?  That bag?  Are you jealous?  I would be if I didn’t own it myself!  That is a Pip bag, yes a bag to carry my sugar glider where ever I go!  And it’s FAB-U-LOUS!  

I’m one lucky gal!  I happen to personally know (and LOVE) the creator, the mastermind behind, the most beautiful sewing guru of all sewing gurus…of Highwalker Designs!  Her name is Susan Bieda and she most certainly rocks my friends.  She’s my favorite!

When I got my sugar glider, Pip, I did NOT like the little bonding bag they gave me, but its all I had (and heaven knows I wasn’t going to sew something so I dealt with it).  Its not pretty, its highly aggravating (in a chocking sort of way), and its not pretty if I didn’t mention that!  But sugar gliders need to be bonded so I wear it (as I cough and choke) but I was hoping for something more functional and fabulous and immediately Sue came to mind!

This is the bag that was provided to us when we got Pip.  I understand the concept, but I’m not a fan of the bag.  There must be something better!  I looked in the store, I looked on the internet, there was nothing pretty!  I like pretty!   Pretty is my favorite!  I wanted something pretty.  Oh Sue, you make pretty, can you make custom pretty?  

Sue makes lovely purses.  She makes awesome pillow cases.  She makes fantastic checkbook covers and credit card holders.  She makes amazing console covers, coffee cozies, laptop covers, and so much more.  But hey, can you make a sugar glider carrier?  So, of course I asked!  Of course I did, that’s how I roll!
I asked and she was so willing and able to accommodate!  She went so far above my expectations, I felt compelled to share it with y’all!  Custom this, custom that!  I asked with hesitation because I am a picky little bird and her reply “What colors do you want?”.  “Blue and red I believe.”  “What pattern do you want?” she asked.  “Something fun” I replied.  “Oh and it needs mesh for him to see out of, and it needs to be sturdy for washing, with a zipper, and if you don’t mind, I’d most sincerely appreciate a pocket so I can stick my debit card and stuff in there for bike riding”.  No, I’m NOT picky, really I’m not.  Really!  Yes, this was fun (for me)!  
So my friend went to work!  She found the fabric (cool fabric indeed) and she bought pet mesh which she double stitched so my Pip couldn’t escape!  She made the most incredible Pip bag I have ever seen!
She even hand-sewed (yes that’s right…by hand) a pocket for my stuff on the outside of my bag!  I asked her to do this, I had suggested on the inside and she (with much more wisdom than my own) reminded me that Pip is a baby animal and pee and poop on my debit card might not be a good thing!  Wow, this lady thinks of EVERYTHING…how right she was so she put the pocket on the outside.  BRILLIANT!
Pip is a lucky little guy indeed!  He has the best of everything!  And now he can ride with me in style rather than in one of those ugly little bags I can buy at the store or online for twice the price!  Seriously Sue is nothing but fantastic!  I couldn’t be happier with my purchase or with this bag.  I am contemplating many more purchases now since seeing her high-quality product in person.  It looks GREAT online, it looks BETTER in person.  I am thrilled!  
After getting this is in the mail, I had to ask (because I’m nosy like that)…Sue my dear friend, why did you start Highwalker Designs?  Below is her beautiful (just like her) answer:
And seriously, how cute is she anyway?
“I started Highwalker Designs because I wanted something I could do myself. I am tired of the high stress management world, and am looking to retire when my daughter finishes college in four years and wanted to be able to work for ME and no one else! I want to be the boss for once! But I also wanted to stay at home, something I have NEVER been able to do since I have had children, and my biggest regret in life. But what would I do? What did I want to be when I grew up? Hmmm….then one day, I noticed that the console between the seats of my Toyota Prius was filthy. And the material is a strange material and not easy to clean so I grabbed a piece of fleece and started measuring and designing and made a kick-ass cover for that console out of some really cool fabric! So now, not only did it look pretty it was actually functional too! No more putting your arm on a HOT console in the summer or a COLD console in the winter! PLUS if it got dirty & disgusting I could now just remove it and throw it in the washer and dryer and wallah! Brand new again! Brilliant right? And everyone started wanting one and started saying…”You should SELL these!” And I just felt like I was being pushed in that direction, as people started saying “hey can you make me this?” “Hey can you make me that?” I’m even working on a patent for the console covers! However, I have to say my pillowcases are my bestsellers. They are high quality, designs like no other and just beautiful. All for a great price! Plus I will custom make them anyway you like for kids, teens, pets, holidays, etc…so that’s it! I’m hoping someday to make this my full time “retirement” job! Finally something I enjoy!”
I love this lady!  I love her product.  Please go visit her at Highwalker Designs!  You’ll find something you’ll like…I swear you will!  And you’ll be happy and smiling when you receive your treasure!  Pinky swear…you won’t be disappointed! 
*I received no monetary or product compensation for this review – it is 100% my own opinion.


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