Update on Bug…We Are NOT Happy!

Not a “happy” post!  I’m NOT skipping.  I’m NOT twirling.  We are singing an unhappy sick girl song!  
Many have asked for an update on my Bug since her fever on Monday.  It’s not a happy update.  It will pass so its all good (in the end) but we are not our usual happy selves right now!
My Bug’s fever broke on Monday.  It didn’t last long, about 12 hours to be exact.  That’s a good thing!
The bad part is that Bug was infected with a virus in our former life.  She was not even 2, in daycare, and contracted a virus which is very common in young children.  Now the poor little thing, every time she is presented with fever, stress, excessive sun, etc., will be plagued with fever blisters.  They are painful!  They are ugly.  They hurt her and they make me sad!  It could be a new viral thing that caused it this time, we don’t know.  Testing is expensive and takes weeks to come back so doctors usually do not “test” if there is a history.
Good news, it won’t last more than 14 days!  Bad news, it could last 14 days!  Is it contagious?  Don’t know, the test results would take more than 14 days to come back!  

So they recommend regular hand washing (not a problem), sanitizing toys (not a problem), Lysol (most assuredly not a problem), Tylenol (got it), Campho (got it), ice (obviously got it), and deal with the pain, the no eating, the pain, the crying, the pain, the misery, the pain, the swelling, the pain, the germs…the pain! 

My baby is hurting, as I’m sure you can see!  There is no cure for this!  She is hurting and I am sad, helpless!  I love this little girl!  She still has her spunk about her, but she is not eating well (so not like her), she is not running and skipping, nor is she twirling, and oh how she does love to twirl!  
Tonight, if you say prayers, can you add my Bug to your list?  This is NOT life threatening, and there are much worse things than this, but she is a baby and does not deserve to feel or experience this pain.  She does NOT!  14 days be gone!
Be well my sweet Bug…be well! 

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  1. Poor. Bug! That looks so painful. I hope your skipping days return soon, my friend. *Hugs to Bug.*