"Cheapest" Gas on the Island Game! And the Winner is Murphy USA & Me!

This is my local Murphy USA and because of my OCD tendencies, it is where I almost always buy my gas.  I like the convenience.  I like the prices.  I like the staffI like that it’s close to Walmart (of course I do).

So where am I going with this? I realized I don’t really even pay attention to gas prices and with gas prices as high as they are, I really should.  I decided that I wanted to play a game tonight…games are after all my favorite!  Yes, I would play “Who has the cheapest gas on the island?” tonight and this would be fun!

When B got home, he saddled up for our bike ride, then realized I wasn’t “ready”.  I had a bad day with Bug, Bubby, and Baby Obvious.  He saw it in my face I’m sure, but he asked “You still going baby?”.  “I have to get a few things at the store” I said.  “I’ll go ahead and get gas while I’m out” I said.  He understood I needed to get away by myself for a bit! He’s good like that!

The minute they took off, I got my list of 5 things (that I won’t stick to) and I headed out the door!  Let the games begin!  Oh this will be fun!


Game first, Walmart later! I started out toward the Seawall and began stopping at all of the stations taking note of the prices.

1) Exxon…is this a joke?  You might have Rita’s Frozen Custard but I will not be purchasing gas from you any time soon!

2) Shell…come on now, your prices are high and didn’t Mr. Number Putter Upper Guy notice that the 8 was upside down?  Seriously…will not shop here!

3) Texaco: Note to self…ask for Texaco Gift Card for next birthday!

4) Valero…Hey, that’s more like it!

But this night (this precious alone hour) was about me so I decided to take a break.  All of these stores are on the Seawall.  Why not pull over, sit on the Seawall, and enjoy the ocean for a moment or two before getting gas? Yes, I deserve this! I really do!  

Ahhhh….relaxing!  But I can’t stay long, have things to do, then have to get home! So as I get up (dang it, why do I always have to be so responsible?), turn around, and start skipping to my car back to my original mission, I see…

I’d done it. I won the game! Winning is my favorite! I had found the cheapest gas on the island! And where you ask? At Murphy USA of course! OF COURSE! You can find your local here at Murphy USA and get some other pretty cool information as well! This place rocks!
I pulled up in my Barbie car (it’s dirty, wish Murphy USA had a car wash!).  I got out and prepaid because I wanted a Diet Coke and they have the coldest drinks in town (swear it)!  Pumped my gas (in my cheap sun glasses cause that’s how I roll!) and felt like a winner!  But I have a question.  See that picture in the far right corner?  Does anyone else remember when these two numbers matched?  I do!  That’s right (as she dates herself), I was alive and driving when gas was $1.00/gallon and there was no need for 2 windows!  Hey Murphy USA wanna go all retro and play the “remember when” game with me and dial back to the 80’s with your prices?  Yes that would be fun! Please and thank you!
Pulling out of Murphy USA I always see this…my Walmart.  How convenient!  Hey I have a list, I must stop by!  It’s getting late now, sun’s going down.  Must finish this mission and be on my way!

Welcome to Walmart! And the Germaphobes (ME) of the world thank you for this Walmart! I personally use three of these at each visit as I feel it’s necessary to wipe down the entire buggy, not just the handle.  It’s OK, they said I can take all I need!

My Walmart is pretty cool!  Like I said (a ga-zillion times) we live on an island and it’s full of tourists, all the time!  Souvenirs, floaties and noodles galore, and of course, the wall of flip flops!  Bet your Walmart doesn’t look like this!  Mine does!

The strawberries looked awesome and only $1.67?  Can’t beat that with a stick.  B’s favorite “not sweet” sweet treat in his favorite flavor (mint chocolate) is only available at Walmart on the island.  And although I did NOT stick to my original list of 5 items, I didn’t do too bad!  Really I didn’t.  We needed the disinfectant stuff, we needed the drinks, and the Febreze? Well it was limited edition!  It would NOT have been there forever you know!

OK, so I was done!  I played the game.  I spent some time alone.  And I realized that I’ve been doing the right thing all along.  YAY me! YAY Murphy USA!  We rock!  I’m so happy I don’t have to break my routine now!  OCD tendencies aren’t always wrong you know!  And I went skipping home…singing a Happy Little Working Song!  
Yes life is good!  My tank was full and I was happy!  Rock on Murphy USA…Rock on!

**This shop/project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. Murphy USA did not provide me with any content for this post.  The views, opinions, and photos are entirely my own.

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