My Journey to Happily Ever After!

I’m a very happy person, I really am!  I love my life (now)!  I love my husband!  I love my kids (all 6 of them)!  I’m almost obnoxious at times with my happiness and I don’t care, because I’m happy!  But I wasn’t always a happy person.  Not at all!  
I was a happy child!  I was a happy teen!  I was a happy young adult!  I was a really happy person for a really long time, but “life” got to me.  I let circumstances “get” to me!  I became very unhappy somewhere in my 20’s and remained that way for a very long time!

Up until about two years ago, my least favorite yet most prominent emotion was anger.  Everything made me mad or irritated me.  I was in  a well-paid but dead-end job in a city I couldn’t stand and I think this was really the major contributor to my anger.  But the bad stuff consumed the very fiber of my being.  My marriage was struggling.  I didn’t even really enjoy my children.  I didn’t enjoy much at all.  I was in survival mode only.  Even talking to a customer service rep on the phone could make my blood boil to a point that was most assuredly unhealthy.  This is how I lived my life. I put up a good front for the most part, but I was just not  happy!  I should have been, but I wasn’t.  

I began worrying about my health.  I did after all have 6 children that relied on me and if I kept this up, I wouldn’t be around for them.  So I started looking for my “happy place”.  It had to be there, just had to be!  I deserved better, and so did my husband and kids!
A life change was in order for sure!  First off, the job had to go.  B, the babies, and I relocated.  Packed up everything and headed for Galveston, TX!  Life on an island was surely uplifting but still, I really wasn’t happy!
Then slowly but surely, I started noticing the good things in life again.  Started spending more time with my children.  Started paying more attention to my husband.  I wasn’t as angry, but was still far from happy.  Then one day, like a ton of bricks, it hit me (well actually no, a ton of bricks didn’t hit me because if they actually did, I’m sure I wouldn’t be telling my happy little tale).
It had always been right there in front of me, but I never opened my eyes.  I grew up in a family of 3 girls.  I had 4 daughters of my own.  I had watched every Disney Princess movie on the planet, every one, multiple times, a ga-zillion even!  I didn’t pay enough attention.  
While watching Cinderella with Bug one day, it struck me how happy this princess was.  Seriously, her dad died, her wicked step-mom and hideous step-sisters treated her like a slave, she dressed in rags, her only friends were woodland creatures, but she was happy.  This got me to thinking!
Snow white?  Happy!  What did she have to be happy about? Her evil step-mom went so far as to hire a huntsman to take her into the woods to kill and dismember her (wow…talk about evil and unhappy?).  But the guy felt sorry for her and couldn’t do it so he just sent her on her way telling her to hide from the queen.  She ends up living with 7 little dudes that she constantly has to clean up after and cook for.  But guess what?  She was happy!
Then you have sleeping beauty!  Cursed at birth by an evil fairy to die at the age of 16.  The good fairies took her away from her parents for protection to raise her as a peasant deep in the woods.  So this wealthy princess is raised as a peasant!  Not such a wonderful thing.  But hey, just look at her, she’s happy!

The list went on and on as I thought about it in my own unhappy little mind.  How could this be?  They had such horrible lives by circumstance (just like me) but they were happy and smiling!  What was so different between them and me (other than the obvious like I’m not animated, I do have bills, and well, I’m not a princess)?  If they can be happy, I can be happy!  I pondered this for quite some time but got no where with it.  But it always stayed in the back of my miserable little head.  

Then about a year ago, some time after we had moved, I sat down and watched Disney’s Enchanted.  Giselle, a happy animated princess, was cast from Andalasia by her one true love’s wicked step-mom (you know, I really think someone high up at Disney had a pretty nasty step-mom, we really aren’t all that bad) and thrown into “real world” New York City to live in a world without “happily ever afters”.  Yea, bet she’ll stop smiling now!  Bet she won’t be happy all of the time anymore either.  Bet ya!
Bet I was wrong!  I watched this movie with amazement.  I loved this movie.  It made me happy!  Yes, a movie made me, the unhappy one, happy!  The storyline, the acting, the movie itself is just awesome (I actually own the movie now and watch it at least once a month and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone, with or without kids).  But it wasn’t just the movie itself that was making me smile, it was the fact that I all of a sudden “got it”.  I figured out why all of these princesses facing all of this adversity were happy!  I could be happy too!

There was twirling in twirly dresses, there was dancing and singing in public places, there were woodland creatures, and there was skipping, of course there was skipping (oh how I had missed skipping)!

I used to do all of those things, years ago, before I let life get me down.  Life didn’t let me down though, I did this and I could change this!  Bet I watched this movie 20 times that month.  

And I began skipping again on a regular basis, skipping is after all my favorite!  I began singing around the apartment, then in the grocery store, then while riding bikes on the seawall, then every where I went.  I began twirling, wearing twirly dresses!  Oh and I started dancing, I’m not a good dancer by any means, but that doesn’t matter, you can’t dance with a frown on your face (this is a proven fact, try it, you can’t do it)!  I even got my own little woodland creature, a sugar glider named Pip (of course)!

Day by day, my life got better, I swear.  Month by month, I was happier!  Instead of just working hard to please others and make others happy, I was happy!  I mean truly happy!  And the people around me were happier!  

You ask yourself, does this crazy lady actually sing, and skip, and twirl, and dance in public places for all to ridicule?  Of course I do!  You ask, does she really attribute her happiness to a Disney movie?  Not necessarily, but the concept, most definitely!  Don’t people look at you like you’ve lost your marbles?  You bet your sweet bippity boppity boo they do!  Do I care?  I absolutely do NOT!  I’m happy!

Yes, I still get angry, we all do.  But now when I feel the urge to “blow”, I twirl, I skip, I sing a “Happy Little Working Song”, or in my best princess voice, I call the birds and woodland creatures with an “Aha aha ah…aha aha ah”.  Bad mood buster for certain!  I recommend this little “secret” to anyone and everyone!  Life is a beautiful thing!  Don’t waste a minute of it being miserable.  You’ll never get those minutes back and I’ve wasted entirely too many!

Sparkle on…and sing…and twirl….and dance…and don’t ever forget to skip, it’s so much happier than walking!  I’m now living my “happily ever after”.  You can too!  We all deserve it!

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Christy Gossett, managing editor of SoFabFood and creator of the healthy living blog, Insanity Is Not An Option, is a WAHM of 6 kids ranging in age from 27 to 8. She enjoys sharing her heart-healthy, low sodium recipes to help others with dietary restrictions enjoy a flavorful life while maintaining a healthy diet.

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  2. Maybe I need to start skipping, twirling and singing. I need to get out of my ‘funk’!!