Cars 2 Tickets Online at #Fandango? Yes Please & Thank You!

Well isn’t this a fabulous combination?  Cars 2 and Fandango?  Yes please and thank you!  I had heard of Fandango in the past but had never personally used them.  With this economy and a large family, we haven’t been frequent movie goers for sure.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to a movie at a theater.  But with that said, we really want to go see Cars 2.  We must go!  Bubby talks about it all day, every day!  He’s 2 and he seriously watches the original Cars at least once a day!
As you know, it’s been 5 long years since we first met Mater and Lightening McQueen! This time the dynamic duo is headed for Japan to compete in the World Grand Prix. Yes this IS exciting! The road to the championship becomes a little rocky when Mater gets caught up in international espionage…OH that Mater! We are oh-so-excited! And it’s in theaters now.  I’m thinking a visit to Fandango for advanced ticket purchase is in order!

There will be 6 of us going to the movie so saving time and money will obviously be key.  My husband and I will be taking Bug and Bubby of course, and as an added bonus, my two step-kids, Jr and The Drama Queen (we’ll call her TDQ from now on), are visiting from Georgia and this will be a fantastic treat for them as well!
Originally, I logged on to from my home PC.  I created an account and looked around before making my purchase.  While surfing, I noticed some pretty cool stuff. 
There’s a “Browse Movies” tab where you can see what’s in  theaters now (Cars 2, Bad Teacher, Green Lantern, and Hangover II to name a few…something for everyone).  Movies opening this week (Monte Carlo and Larry Crowne are both opening July 1st).  And what’s top at the box office if that is important to you. 
There’s a spot to check out information with photos of your favorite celebrities!
And you can even join the community and review movies yourself for others to read.  That’s right up my alley for sure.  I’ll be back there after we actually get to see this highly anticipated flick!
About this time, it got really loud in my apartment.  It always gets really loud in my apartment, and I noticed that Fandango has a mobile app. They have apps for the Droid, they have apps for the IPhone, they have apps for all of the big name smart phones. But you see, I don’t have a smart phone. Mine is only mildly intelligent. It’s a Samsung with 25 MB of allowed usage per month. My kids have smart phones. They have unlimited usage, I do not! Let’s see what I can do with this! 
Since there is no “app for that” on my phone, I had seen on the site that I could just go to so away I went! Ready set, go!
Log into your account then set the location by zip code to get available theaters and show times in your area.   You can find the new movies “In The Spotlight” which is where I found Cars 2.  Select your movie, your theater, your date, and your showtime, and you’re ready to order.  (Something to be noted here is that even if your local theater is a large theater, Fandango may not offer movie ticketing for that particular theater.  We have a large theater here on the island, but could not purchase tickets for our local.  I chose the closest theater which is only about 20 minutes away on the mainland.  Personally, I wish they covered more locations.)  Conveniently they not only accept Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discovery, they also accept Pay Pal which was my choice!  Confirm your order details on the screen, then simply tap the “Buy” button.  And as Fandango says “You’re good to go”, literally, you’re all set and ready to go!  
The entire purchase only took me about 2 minutes (how awesome is that?) and only used .379 MB of my allowable usage (even awesomer)! I even got a valuable coupon at checkout (I chose printer cartridges at a nice savings, but there were others as well).  You can see more details about my online purchase through my Intersect Story.   
I’m glad our tickets are purchased!  The kids will be stoked!  I am relieved as I am of course an incurable worry freak and now I have peace of mind knowing that when we get there on Saturday the movie won’t be sold out.  I probably will use Fandango again if we get another opportunity to go to a show.   You should go check them out too!  With that said, I’d like to give you the pros and cons in a nutshell (so to speak) because I always believe in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so here it is. 
The Pros:
1) Ease of use.
2) Quick and painless.
3) Easily accessible online from your home PC, through a mobile app, or online through most cell phones.
4) Convenient payment options.
5) Valuable coupon at check out.
The Cons:
1) Limited theater selection.  
2) The “convenience” fee is pretty hefty ($1.25 per ticket when our matinee tickets were only $2.75 each).
3)  Purchases can only be made 3-5 days in advance depending on movie or theater, it’s kind of hit or miss, wish there was a set rule (I know right? You can hardly believe that I said that…me neither, but it’s true).
Thank you Fandango for handling my advanced ticket purchase and for the killer coupon for the printer cartridges I so desperately needed .  And the rest of y’all, stay tuned, I will most assuredly be back to let you know how the movie was after we finally get to see it on Saturday!  
**This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  The views, opinions, and photos are entirely my own. 
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