YAY! We Finally Got to See Cars 2 Thanks to #Fandango! Well Most of Us Did Anyway!

We started this journey about a week and a half ago.  We were going to see Cars 2.  My 2-year-old wanted to see “Car Toons”, we wanted him to see it.  Sounded simple to me!  Step kids in from Georgia, they wanted to see it.  4-year-old Bug had never seen a movie in the theater, she wanted to see it!  And by gosh, by golly, B and I wanted to see it!  So see it we shall I thought!  
I was worried about going to a movie with 6 people with this being such a new and popular release.  Chances of being sold out were high I said.  They said I was crazy!  I better order in advance I said.  They said I was crazy!  I had heard of Fandango from friends and thought I’d give it a try!  You can see my full purchase here at Cars 2 Tickets Online at #Fandango and here at Cars 2 Woot Woot! Thanks for Helping Us Purchase In Advance #Fandango.  Well guess what?  This time (and this time only), I wasn’t so crazy after all!
I purchased our 6 tickets on June 29th (I tried earlier but you can only purchase 3-5 days out depending on the flick) at Fandango Mobile  because there was no way I would be able to purchase anything in my apartment.  It’s too loud in here and I must focus on purchases.  We decided on the matinee on Saturday, July 2nd, at 12:45 pm.  The babies would be fed and wide open so this was the best time.  Purchase was easy, even from my moderately intelligent phone.  If you have a smart phone, there are apps for that!  As a matter of fact, Fandango is really easy to access from anywhere which impressed me! 
Anyway (long story long as always with me), it was Saturday and movie day was a go!  We loaded up the car (and the motorcycle since we all can’t fit in one vehicle) and we headed to the mainland for the movie we were all revved up and ready to see!  
We’d made it!  YAY US!  We rarely get this kind of off-the-island excitement and we were all excited for sure!
Bubby looked excited in his light up Cars 2 shoes!  Yes, this would be fun!  He was king for a day!  (Truth be known, if you ask any of the other kids, he’s always king, but this was official!)
But wait?  Seriously?  The 12:45 was sold out!  (See?  I’m not so crazy after all!  Well, not about this anyway!  I knew it!  I really just knew it!).  But it was OK!  Why you ask?
We had a confirmation!  We had purchased online, in advance with Fandango.com.  Yes that’s right!  Handed the ticket guy my paper and although he kept sending little kids away crying until the 3:20 show (bless his little heart, what a horrible job on days like this), he was able to issue us our tickets.  We were VIP’s!  We were IN!
So much outside of the movie to do!  The kids were getting excited!  Bubby seemed  to lose interest in the movie and gained more interest in all of the excitement that was the theater!  UT OH…this might not be good!  But we pried him away and convinced him that “Car Toons” were coming on.  He went along…unwilling…but he joined in the skipping into the theater excitement!
So it was 12:45 and we headed in.  Couldn’t get 6 seats together so we split in increments of 2 and 4.  I got Bubby, Bug, and TDQ.  B got Jr.  Yea, that’s the way it always goes!  And ta-da, the movie started.  Well, actually, no it didn’t  TWENTY-FIVE minutes of previews started.  Are you serious?  That’s a long time for a very  active 2-year-old to sit, but sit he did.  Side note?  We will watch “The Smurf Movie”.  Neil Patrick Harris with a bunch of blue mystical creature?  Funny previews!  The movie will be fab-u-lous and we will see it!  
Well the long and short of this is that Bubby and I made it through a full hour.  He was tired of sitting.  I was tired of trying to make him sit.  The movie had been cute but the 25 minutes of previews was more than he could handle.  He was done with “Car Toons”.  He is used to watching movies in his room at his leisure.  He would be able to see it later.  There were “things” outside and he knew it.  So the bub and I made our exit, literally 35 minutes into the movie.  It had been a cute movie, but he was done!  We left the others behind to finish watching (and tell me all about it later) the movie and we ventured out. 
On top of all of the games, there was a payphone in the mall (yes they still exist and cost 50 cents now…WOW).  He liked it.  There were balloons at the mall.  There was a play area.  There were free footballs!  There was a Tilt Game Room!  He and I actually had fun (although I would have actually liked to have seen this movie).  But we had fun!  That was the point of this day!  The movie will come out on DVD!  We will buy it and we will watch it in its entirety, probably over three day’s time!  Bubby doesn’t sit well!  I don’t sit well!  The others do, and they did!  They were happy to sit and watch the movie!  I’m glad they got the opportunity.  Bubby and I had fun!  They had fun!  We got tickets.  Win, win, win!
As far as the movie goes?  Well, I liked what I saw.  Bug loved it (her first big screen and all).  B said it wasn’t as good as the first.  TDQ said it was “cute”.  13-year-old Jr said it was a “mediocre movie with an awesome ending”.  Can’t wait to see it on DVD!  
But in a nut shell, a good day was had by all.  Thanks to Mobile Fandango, it was all possible.  Yes, please and thank you, we will most certainly do this again with Fandango.  I’m thinking a Smurf Movie outing is in order!  
Have you seen Cars 2?  What do you think?  Have you used Fandango before?  I think you should! 

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