I’m an Over-doer, I’m an Over-committer, I’m Over-the-top! I’m OK with All of IT!

I’m a busy little bee!  I never stop cleaning, I never stop working, I never stop trying to make myself a bigger, better me!  I don’t sleep much.  I don’t sit much!  I don’t even eat much!  I just go-go-go!  

This is me, who I am, who I will always be.  Some call me crazy, I call it energetic (and possibly crazy), but it’s me.  It’s all good.  It’s who I am.  It’s who I will always be!

My step kids have been visiting us from Georgia for the past week and will be here for the next 2 weeks.  They think I’m insane (I probably am, shhhh….don’t tell them I already know).  I get up at the crack of dawn, I shower, I clean, I play with the babies, I do the social-media-mayhem, I cook, I clean (yes again), and a bunch of other stuff. I put on my make up, check the computer again, then I fix lunch for the kids.  The step kids are usually getting up by this time (Oy…what the crap?  How can anyone sleep this long?).  

Then I clean and I cook some more (today I did the toilets and counter tops, then made homemade bbq sauce, and homemade 1000 Island dressing before putting the chops on).  This is how it goes on a daily basis.  Idle hands and all!  Can’t have that!  
The kids aren’t used to this (anymore since living with the “mother” after living with us for 6 years).  They seem flabbergasted!  Yesterday while walking back from the beach, my very breathed 10-year-old step daughter says (wait for it)  “Don’t take this wrong, but you work too hard, you take on too much, you need to relax!”.  What?  Take on too much, work too hard?  The hell you say!   I didn’t really say that mind you, but I thought it.  I thought it loud in my head.  These kids are LAZY!  It’s pitiful!
They go to bed at 11:00 pm (too late) and don’t wake up until noon (or later).  They play (and argue) about video games all day.  They never go outside…NEVER!  It drives me insane! 
So I over-commit?  So what!  So I work too hard?  So what!  So I do everything to the best of my ability plus 100?  Oh well!  I only wish the younger generations felt the drive that we do!  Rock on people…work hard…too hard even…and keep on rocking the good stuff!  Hopefully we will influence this next generation to “unlazy”!

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Christy Gossett, managing editor of SoFabFood and creator of the healthy living blog, Insanity Is Not An Option, is a WAHM of 6 kids ranging in age from 27 to 8. She enjoys sharing her heart-healthy, low sodium recipes to help others with dietary restrictions enjoy a flavorful life while maintaining a healthy diet.

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