Part 2: Pay It Forward with the Help of #ClearAmerican and #CBias! #ad

I’ve been looking forward to this day for some time now!  It was a good day for sure even though it didn’t go exactly as planned!  Somehow, it went even better!

I like to Pay It Forward (if you read Part 1: Pay It Forward with the Help of #Clear American and #CBias!, you’d know that and you’d know why).  I live to make people smile!  Seriously I do! 
I love teaching my children lessons in life, it’s my job, my pleasure!  We perform random acts of kindness on a daily basis…everyone should!  Teaching my children the joys of giving and watching people’s faces as we spread the joy is a win-win for me!  We don’t always do big things, but today, I wanted to do something big!  And I wanted my ever-too-pessimistic husband to go along for the ride!  
But he wanted to go fishing.  OK, this would be fun too!  So we got ready for a day of fishing, and I brought my cooler of Clear American Sparkling Water that I purchased at Walmart just in case I could find some thirsty people there! 
Bug was Hollywood ready!  Bubby was digging the pole!  And B?  Well he was on the phone trying to make his connections!   It’s all about the connections!  Never about the fun for him!
So we headed to the east side of the beach!  It wasn’t pretty out there, the outskirts of Don had just visited us and washed in all the seaweed (yuck) that these storms bring.   
They readied the poles, they cast the poles out, and they fished!  They had fun!  I kept looking around and no one looked thirsty!  You see on my island, fishing is serious business!  Everyone is prepared.  They have coolers full of food and drink.  No they were NOT thirsty and I could not pay it forward here!  But the kids had fun so of course I was smiling…of COURSE I was!  We left, my cooler still full of drinks.  I still felt that little hole in my heart!  I hadn’t shared at all!
We headed home and B noticed I wasn’t my “usual” self, and asked what was wrong.  I assured him that I had a good time but I had wanted to share some love and it just didn’t happen outside of the family today!  He does love to please me so he suggested we go home and clean up, then head out to the seawall to pay it forward!  Oh yes, this was getting even better!
The seawall was FULL of people!  PERFECT!  Here we go! I wanted Bug and Bubby involved. I wanted them to choose the recipients!  Bug is always so apprehensive on our missions.  I don’t get it!  But she started getting excited and chose…
These 2!  Yes teenage boys walking down the seawall with nothing to drink! Bug decided they were worthy and offered them a drink!  They were like “wait? what?” but how could they resist her charms?  They were thirsty and appreciated her gift!  This is as excited as most teenagers get!  But believe me, I saw them, they were happy to have the FREE refreshments!
Then there were the tourists!  Bug decided they were deserving!  B said “Hey have you ever tried Clear American Sparkling Water before?”  The Dad quickly replied “We have and we like it!”.  B explained that we were on a mission and offered them a drink!  They happily took them, tasted some of the sparkling awesomeness, and headed on their way, smiling!  This was coming together fabulously! 
Our favorite was our last recipient!
This guy,  this moment, was our favorite!  We see this guy all of the time while riding bikes, while B is running, while we’re taking walks!  This guy is always here!  We usually just wave and keep on going.  But not this time!  Bubby walked right up to him and said “You want some?”.  Of course he wanted some.  He was thirsty!  We stood there and chatted with him for a minute or so.  He opened his drink, took a huge gulp and said, “Hey…this is flavored (sip), it’s good (sip), it sparkles!  This is really good water!” Bubby turned back, smiled, and said “You welcome buddy!”.

Now I was happy!  We had paid it forward, we had shared some love, we had made people smile!  And we were all smiling!

Surprisingly, it got even better AFTER the actual giving mission.  While walking back down the seawall with our empty cooler, my ever-negative, never-trust-anyone husband looked at me with the biggest smile I have seen on his face in FOREVER and said, “Baby, that was awesome, you made that guy’s day!”.  Yes dear, WE did, didn’t we?  Life is good!
And we left skipping and smiling…of course we did….it was a good day indeed!
Random acts of kindness people…they put a smile on your face and a sparkle in your heart! Do it for yourself, do it for others, whatever your reason, just do it…pay it forward today!  I converted a non-believer!  My life is good, and it just keeps getting better!
Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, which is a vendor for Cott Beverages Inc., the manufacturer of Clear American ® brand beverages.  The opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own.  #ad
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Clear American and whenever someone from work tries some of mine they end up being converted to Clear American drinkers. I enjoyed your story and like that you made some many people smile (even Mr. Negative).