Guess Who Doesn’t Get To Go To Pre K This Year? They Failed Her!

If you guessed my Bug, you were right!  It’s sad.  We’re sad!  It took me a long time to get this baby excited about this and now?  NOPE!  They failed her!

For the record, yes I know she is beautiful!  Thank you!  She had fought me on this school thing since April when I registered her.  Yes, April, FOUR months ago.  I’ve been pumping her up since then.  I thought this would be good for her.  
I’ve called the system at least once a week since our April registration.  I’ve called them once a day for the past month.  I called them 12 times a day in the past week.  No, I’m not exaggerating, I really have!  They couldn’t give us an answer.  I pumped them, but no one answered the phone, no one returned our voice mails, no one knew anything.  Then on Friday (yes the last business day before school starts on Monday), we get our answer.  She’s been accepted!  Woot Woot!
Then we hear that she will need uniforms.  And she will need $150 worth of school supplies!  No exceptions.  She can’t start on Monday without these things!  Are you people serious?  We’ve been doing OUR job for 3 months to figure out what she will need, and you don’t do your job!  You don’t even notify us.  You tell us nothing.  You think this is OK!  And then finally Friday, you tell us that yes she has been accepted but if we don’t have the $300 before Monday, she can’t attend!
Thanks, she’s excited now, and she WANTS to go!  But guess what?  I don’t have the money before Monday!  What?  You don’t understand?  You think what you did was acceptable?  You think the way you handled this was acceptable?  You’re WRONG!  Oh and telling me that you mailed her letter out today?  Today?  On the Friday before she will start school on Monday?  That letter won’t get here before school starts people!  FAIL!  
You failed a baby.  You failed a lot of babies from what I hear.  I’m a talker and a lot of other moms still don’t know if their babies have been “accepted”.  That’s right…babies!  These kids are 4 years old.  They are vulnerable.  They are sensitive.  You messed up  We should all blast you with complaints.  FAIL!  
And so my daughter and I are about to embark on an adventure in home-school!  OK, this could be fun!  We got this!  We’ll bring Bubby along for the ride!  He’s a clever cookie!  I’m just sad that my baby is now sad.  And I curse the idiots that failed her!  
It’s OK Bug!  We’ll have fun!  And in your honor, I am planning a “Let’s Get Our Home School On” party for next weekend.  See?  An added bonus!  I love you baby girl!  You’re better off at home with Mommy anyway!

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