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For most of you, Winter is approaching fast and it’s time to get your vehicles ready for the cold weather!  That’s not the case here on the island of course, but a routine tune up is always in order no matter what climate you live in!  And as you can see, it was time for mine!
My husband performs all of the maintenance on our vehicles and we usually purchase the supplies at Walmart.  So when I was challenged by my friends at Collective Bias to purchase my tune up supplies at Murphy USA, I was intrigued!  Seriously?  My tune up supplies at Murphy USA?  I already know they have the cheapest gas on the island (and obviously I needed that too) as I told you here, and I know they have great drinks and snacks, but tune up supplies?  I didn’t even know they carried them!
So we loaded up the car and headed to our local Murphy USA to fill up and check out the supplies!
And there they were!  Right up front.  You have to walk by them to pay and I’d never even noticed them there!  Ahhh…always in my own little world!  So I let B out in front and drove around to find an open pump, pulled up, and got out to go see what they had to offer!
We definitely needed windshield washer fluid because it is so salty here and you honestly have to use this before even pulling out onto the road just so you can see!  They carry the Peak Performance Brand at a good price, so we chose that!  They also carry different grades of oil, Fix-A-Flat, gas additives and more.  I really was surprised!
B’s oil of choice is Castroil but our Murphy USA doesn’t carry that.  They offer their own brand and Penzoil.  He’s not a fan of Penzoil and after reading the label on the Murphy Brand, he selected it.  Surprisingly, the prices were quite comparable to Walmart and auto part stores, but we were a little bummed that they don’t carry the larger containers of oil.  You always save money when you buy in bulk.  Hey, where’s that Murphy USA suggestion box?

We need spark plugs for the car as well, but they don’t carry anything like that.  We’ll have to get those later to make that pesky little light turn off!

He put gas in the car (all the while attempting to scold me for running it so low again, but I didn’t let him speak on that matter), we purchased our supplies, and headed home for a little tune up time!

This trip, we didn’t need much.  The car just had an oil change but was in dire need of the windshield washer fluid (I usually just pour water in there and get scolded for that as well, but I don’t listen)The oil was purchased for his motorcycle.  It is his daily ride back and forth to work and we really need to keep it maintained.  It saves us a lot of money on gas!

The car first!  He poured in the windshield washer fluid and we still have half of the jug left to use next time!

Then he checked the oil anyway, as well as the rest of the fluids, and everything was fine (except of course those silly old spark plugs)!

Then on to his baby!  He poured in the Murphy oil, checked the levels, and of course pointed out (again) that he needs a new front tire.  Gesh, it’s always something, isn’t it?  He checked all of the other “stuff” on the motorcycle and everything else seemed good to go!

That’s it!  He was through for now!  All the fluids were changed, replenished, or topped off…whatever it was they needed, it was done!  Next week, apparently it’s spark plugs and tires (which does NOT please me)!

The motorcycle sure looks happy though, doesn’t it?  I guess it really liked the Murphy USA Oil

I actually really liked the convenience of being able to fill up, buy the tune up supplies, and even a drink, all in one spot without having to get everyone out of the car!  Who knew?  Not me!  But I do now, and so do you!
You can see our entire shopping experience at Murphy USA (including some beautiful pictures from our drive over to Murphy USA of course) by clicking through my ThisMoment story below!  I just love the stories in pictures!  So much more telling than words sometimes!

Disclosure:  This shop has been conducted as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective BiasThis ideas, opinions, and photos are entirely my own!


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  1. The only tune up supplies that our gas stations have is a water =) Wish we had Murphy USA here in Europe =)