He Finally Caught A Shark!

We’ve lived on the island for about a year and a half now.  My husband loves to fish.  It’s almost an obsession at this point.  He’s wanted to catch a shark.  He misses a lot of fish trying to catch the “big one”.  So Saturday, they headed out!  He and his buddies were on a mission!  And “IT” happened!
OK…I know it’s not a great picture.  Actually, it’s pretty crappy (it was late at night/early morning and they were using cell phones), but you get it right?  He did it!  He finally did it!  And he didn’t just catch ONE shark, he ended up catching FOUR of them!  This was the “big’un”.  It measured 5′ long and was approximately 50 pounds.  
They were out there until 2:00 AM fishing!  Then here until 4:00 AM cleaning and filleting (ewwahh)!  We, well “they”, had seared red wine vinaigrette shark for dinner last night and they LOVED it!  Best fish (chicken according to Bug) they’ve ever eaten.  
Hopefully he’s over his addiction.  Maybe this just fueled it.  Who knows?  But how cool is that?  He caught a freakin shark (and 4 of them at that)!

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  1. 4 freakin sharks? That’s it. I’m never nightswimming in the ocean again. That is a big effin shark! Congrats to him!!

  2. Mwcarroll28 says:

    if you have never been fishing with the hunk in the pic then……..you’ve never been fishing. Had a great time with your hubby that night. lots of laughs (of course) and some good fishing