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About a month ago, I had the opportunity to give one of my lucky readers a Kidzikoo.  The giveaway was part of a huge event sponsored by MomPact which is owned and operated by Shelley Straitiff.  Please visit the link provided to find out about all of the fabulous things she is doing to promote mom-invented products!  It’s an awesome thing!

But at the time of my giveaway, I had not yet received my Kidzikoos and didn’t feel I could give you a fair assessment of the product.  I loved the concept and couldn’t wait to get my kids’ hands on these things, but I just didn’t get them in time.  Everything has changed since then and we are LOVING our Kidzikoos!  We have been using them on a daily basis and loving the functionality (and the cuteness, I love the cuteness!).
What is a Kidzikoo you ask?  Well according to the website:
It’s the koozie for kids!
Insulate that boring sippy cup or baby bottle with something fabulous and functional.  Kidzikoos are made out of neoprene and adorned in 5 adorable, kid-friendly, unisex prints! 

  • Keeps cold beverages cold & warm beverages warm  
  • No more ice cold little hands 
  • Eliminates water rings on your furniture 
  • Soaks up condensation 
  • Stretches to fit most 8-12 oz bottles and sippy cups 
  • Soft, squishy, and comfy to hold 
  • Easily identify which bottle/sippy belongs to your child 
  • Protects glass bottles 
  • Machine washable 
  • Kids LOVE them!
I can’t argue with a single point.  And to add to all of this fabulousness, I would like to point out that the inventor of this product, Lindsay Coleman, is just as awesome as her product.  

She’s a mom herself and this invention was inspired out of need when noticing that her own son’s (Landon) cold little hands needed a koozie for his bottle.  She couldn’t find one online so she just invented one.  I know, I’m jealous too!  So you and I aren’t that clever, but we sure can enjoy her incredibly functional, cute, and affordable creation for our little ones!  

My kids love their Kidzikoos.  Bug has the Danny print and Bubby sports the Taylor print on all of his cups!  And when I say all of his cups, I mean it.  This thing fits bottles, belly washers, sippy cups, regular kid cups…you name it, this fits it!  Keeps cold drinks cold, warm drinks warm, and little hands protected!  SCORE!  
We really use them everyday and love them!  I highly recommend you visit Kidzikoo to find a retailer near you or just go ahead and buy online.  Lindsay will ship directly to you!  You can thank me later! 

Disclosure:  I received product in exchange for this review but believe me, all opinions are entirely my own!

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  1. Lindsay Advincula says:

    Wow, it looks really cool! I think my son would love it!

  2. These are awesome! We have lots of stainless steel that get cold and sweat. I hope she makes more fabrics…but I really like the owls!

  3. Jessica Cohen says:

    This sounds like a great product. I wish they were around when my guys were younger!

  4. Turning the Clock Back says:

    Cute! Although thank the good Lord I don’t have any more toddlers to provide one for!

  5. Nightowlmama says:

    awww that looks super cute I love new and unique products like that

  6. Sounds great – you have to love products invented by someone who “just knows what people need”.

  7. Fantastic! Although my kids are older, I will certainly share this with my sister! Thank you for the introduction!