Money Gram Inadequacy, Apartment Leasing Office Fail, Eviction for Christmas…OH MY!

You see that blurry notice above?  This has been my evening and I’m not a happy camper (and literally, let’s hope I’m not an actual camper by the end of the week).  I was served (after hours of course…cowardly bastards) with an eviction notice!  Let me put this out there now, my blog is not a negative place. It’s a rather sparkly place indeed.  I review products for a living and share my family’s life experiences.  
With that said, if you are opposed to foul language and negativity, please close this window now.  This will probably not be pretty and I do not want to offend any of you!
OK, if you’re still here, let me explain the situation!  My apartment complex (and hey, let’s just go ahead and name them by name because that deserves to be noted here) Lakeside at Campeche Cove owned by RCMI is inadequate at best!  Our AC has gone out 12 times since living here (8 months) and continually patching it hasn’t done  the trick.  Our move-in check list has still been ignored.  For gosh sakes, we don’t even have a valid lease!  Bug (5) and Bubby (3) are listed as the primary residents (yes I’m serious), and there has been issue after issue!  I love my apartment.  It’s beautiful, spacious, and we enjoy it here.  But, the issues (electrical outlets that don’t work, a refrigerator nightmare from hell, the AC problems, and many others) have been ignored, and I’ve been shunned and chastised for asking them to fix these problems.
So was I pissed at getting this notice in my door knocker after hours tonight?  You bet your ass I was!  We have NEVER paid our rent late!  We have gone without to pay our rent on time in fact!  And this month, we paid our rent 7 days early!  We dropped it in the “rent drop box” because they were closed for Thanksgiving…and then THIS!  EVICTION IN 3 DAYS?  Are they freakin serious?  I called and left a message for the office explaining that the rent has been paid and I hope that they correct the error of their ways (promise it was a really nice voicemail) and then asked that they call me in the morning.  
In the meantime, I called my new arch-nemesis….Money Gram!  Can you please check the status of my money order?  In a VERY non-English speaking voice “It is still outstanding”!  So it hasn’t been cashed obviously.  So what do I do to resolve this if they don’t locate the money order?  “We can put in a claim and you will receive a refund within 30-65 days” he broken non-Englishy says!  Seriously?  I hit “1” for English!  
30 to 65 days I say?  Even in the days of the Pony Express that would not have been acceptable practice!  TWO MONTHS AND 5 DAYS!  That’s just not right!  So he offers to cancel the money order and elevate my claim (no please and thank you) to move it up to 30-40 days!  WOW….just WOW!  
Anyway, here’s how we rounded out this fabulous evening!  I sent the following email to my leasing office (yes, I know it’s a little snarky but they have been absolute assholes to us):
Good morning by the time you read this!  I received your notice to Pay Rent or Quit after your office hours this evening.  My rent is paid.  I purchased my money order from Money Gram on 11/25/11, and dropped it in your rent drop box on 11/26/11 (5 days before due date, 7 days before delinquent date) with adult witness.  I do not have a receipt from your office as you were closed for 4 days for the holiday.  I had assumed that your “rent drop box” was a reliable deposit mode or you would not provide this option.  Now I am questioning this assumption.

I contacted Money Gram after receiving your notice tonight and have been notified that the money order is “outstanding”.  If you cannot locate the money order that I deposited in your drop box, it will take 30-65 days for a refund from them, plus cost me a fee.  My personal opinion is that you have misplaced my payment and need to do a thorough search of your offices since you have obviously made an error here.  I have never paid my rent late.  Please check your records to verify this fact.  I paid early but because of your holiday shut down, I assume that you have lost it in the shuffle to catch up. 

Please do search your offices as it was dropped off with witness.  If you are unable to find my timely payment, please let me know.  We will NOT be paying December rent again to make up for this mishap/error.  We are not financially able to pay our rent twice in one month.  I appreciate your attention to this matter and the correction of this error.  Upon locating our money order, I would appreciate notification as well as removing this mis-notification from my file. 

Thank you ever so much for your cooperation and I hope that you are able to correct this error in the morning.  Either way, I will expect to hear back from you in the morning with your outcome and resolution.

Thank you, 


And I told the SOB at Money Gram to leave my shit alone!  Fingers crossed we won’t be homeless for Christmas!  This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m one pissed off pup!  

Wish me luck and send me sparkles! 

I’m going to need all of the positive energy I can get in the morning!  Oh and for the record…I will NEVER use Money Gram again!  


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Christy Gossett, managing editor of SoFabFood and creator of the healthy living blog, Insanity Is Not An Option, is a WAHM of 6 kids ranging in age from 27 to 8. She enjoys sharing her heart-healthy, low sodium recipes to help others with dietary restrictions enjoy a flavorful life while maintaining a healthy diet.

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  1. Carolyn West says:

    Just for the record, I don’t think your email sounded snarky at all. You simply stated your case. It’s amazing that after 8 months of paying rent on time, the landlords couldn’t just give you a call and see what the problem was. People suck. I really hope they find the money order and things work out. Please let us know what happens.

  2. Jules Cohn says:

    Oh my gosh Christy, I am ready to get in the car and go punch someones lights out! What the hell! They treat you like this and then lose your rent payment?? I think you need to turn them into the housing authority–there are laws to prevent landlords from doing things like this! Got a lawyer friend who can make a phone call or send a fax to their office? Do you have a copy of the money order stub? Let’s go kick some ass!

  3. Lisa Harris says:

    Chrisy, I feel horrible for you. What a mess!! I have faith that all of this will be worked out and you will NOT be homeless by the weeks end. Stay sparkly.

  4. Oh man, that is something I wouldn’t be happy about either!! Hoping your money order is found and everything gets resolved soon!!

  5. clgossett says:

    LOL…I’m on the case and will blog about the results! The sad thing is, my apartment and the complex is very nice! The treatment….not so much! All is resolved (well kind of/sort of) but we won’t be homeless and we will not have to pay the “lost” rent until it is reimbursed by money gram. The process to get here has been ridiculous!

  6. clgossett says:

    You know, some people really do suck, don’t they? And that sucks!

  7. MSRheinlander says:

    Sending LOTS of SPARKLES and deep breathes your way!! I hope it gets resolved SOON!!

  8. Ok that just sucks! Don’t you have to be 60 or maybe 90 days past due or something and then they have to go to court and file a claim to have you evicted or something like that? I’m so sorry you have to go through this especially right here at Christmastime. I’m sending you all the cyber sparkles and smoochies I can. :0(

  9. Yikes! That really stinks! I’m glad to hear from your comments below that you won’t be homeless for Christmas!

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