No Cooler and The Fish Will Die!

To say that B and I are very different is an understatement.  He lacks the ability to make true emotional ties and we have this discussion often.  
He doesn’t understand my way of thinking.  It’s not that he can’t “love” because he can.  But he just doesn’t “feel” like I do.  He doesn’t “get” the bonding thing like I do.  
The stories could go on for days (ever) but this story will not!  
This is all about our move and only serves to prove my point.  We will be moving tomorrow.   By moving I mean, the babies and I will be packing up in the car with whatever we can stuff in there and heading for The Woodlands.  We can’t afford the truck right now and since rent is paid through March, that will wait. 
The plan is simple.  We will take ourselves, some clothes, a few toys, my computer, Pip, and not much else.  But then I got to thinking…what about the food in the frig?  More importantly, what about the fish?
So I sent B a text.  “Do we have a cooler here and what do I do about the fish?”  The fish are HIS pets.  The response is simple and true to form “No cooler and the fish wll die!”.  He didn’t add the !, I did.  WTH?  I replied “ok so the food will go to waste, but those are your pets, that’s just sad”.  He texts “I like the little guys but there’s nothing we can do about it”.  Seriously? WOW….see what I mean?  No real emotional ties.  These are HIS pets.  And they shall die!
For the record, they will NOT die!  I’ll find a way to take them with us or find them a home.  Time is running out but there will be no pets dieing on my watch.  Not now, not ever!  If nothing else, I have a bucket and a bubble box.  These fish (his pets) will not die today!
I just don’t get it!  He’s not heartless.  He’s not a cruel SOB.  But this lack of ability to emotionally engage?  This baffles me!  They say opposites attract.  I believe THEM.  And thank goodness for the fish THEY are right!  
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  1. Kathy Murphy says:

    Men! Thank goodness the fish have you. Good luck on your move.