Murphy USA…There’s An App for That!

To say that I’m a newbie to the Smart Phone world (stupid smart phones) is an understatement.  I finally bit the bullet (and the bank account) and purchased my Droid Razr in late December of 2011. 
I’ll be honest, I’ve had nothing but problems from this fabulously overpriced Verizon Wireless phone of mine.  I can’t access the internet unless I can bump off a WiFi somewhere.  That kind of blows the intention of the whole thing, BUT Verizon has vowed to make it right and they have FINALLY agreed to see things my way (I can be quite persuasive) and have sent me a replacement that I am anxiously awaiting to receive.
So with that said, on the occasions that I do have internet, I’ve been trying out the whole “app for that” theory, and honestly, there pretty much is an app for everything.  One of my favorite apps (it’s a pretty close 2nd to Angry Birds) is the NEW Murphy USA app.  
Murphy USA has rebranded with fabulous new colors and they are ready to move on to the next phase of awesomeness.  I love my Murphy USA store!  I love the prices, the convenience, and the friendly service I always receive.  And NOW?  There’s an app for that!  
The app offers a store locator, a favorite button (we all have our favorites), you can MurPay from your phone (meaning you can lock in on a low price when you see it and prepay before ever stopping at the store…SCORE), and you can track your gas mileage which is way so cool!
As much as my (stupid stinkin not-so-smart) phone has allowed me, I have been using this app and I love the ease of navigation and the simplicity of it all!  Murphy USA scores again!  Of course we knew they would!
Have you checked it out?  If your phone is smarter than mine, I hope you will download the Murphy USA app because it comes in really handy when on the go!  Oh and stupid stinkin’ me forgot to tell you my favorite part about this app!  When you’re on the road, you can pull up the app when you need gas and it gives you the Murphy USA price as well as the best competitors’ prices.  They actually sent me to a different store last week because their prices were better!
How’s that for integrity?  Can’t beat that with a stick, or a gas can, or anything else these days.  Seriously it seems like integrity is highly UNDERrated these days, but Murphy USA still gets it!  I’ll remain loyal and hope that my new stupid stinkin not-so-smart phone will allow me to view the app whenever I want!  Rock on Murphy USA. 
Disclosure:  This post has been compensated by Murphy USA through the Smarter Driver Community.  All opinions and ideas are entirely my own…you should know that by now!

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