My 1st Visit to the Gym – It’s NOT Like Rocky…Who Knew?

B’s been going to a boxing gym for quite some time now and he loves it.  It’s a great form of exercise and good for shedding off some of the worries of his day.  He’ll come home after a bad day at work in a high state of frustration and anger, then head to the gym and come home sweaty refreshed and all smiles.  So in a way, I’m a huge fan of the gym too but I’ve never even stepped foot in there…until now!
He’s been asking me to stop by but I never have made the time.  The kids have gone, but not me.  It’s important to him, and he’s important to me, so I turned off all of my gadgets and headed out to the gym expecting a scene from Rocky or something (hey, that’s all I know about boxing, I’m not a violent person).  I was expecting a lot of cussing, blood, anger, mass chaos, and violence.  BUT I walked into a very structured, family-friendly, and if you can believe it (somewhat) quiet and calm environment.
It was actually pretty cool as I sat and watched B work his ass off work out during class.
Yes, I guess I can understand how this would be a little bit of a stress reliever!  It wasn’t all punching though.  There was some running around, lots of ab work, and other such sweat-inducing activities.  No cussing, no blood, no violence at all actually!  So I was glad I had gone, and since it didn’t smell (much), I’m sure I’ll be going back again.
And of course I’ll be bringing his BIGGEST.FANS.EVER with me (as always…man we need a sitter) to cheer him along.
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