They Get to Learn, He Gets the Germs!

The girls started school this week (I know, I might have mentioned it a time…or a zillion) but it’s been a big deal around here. The Drama Queen transfered from Georgia after multiple problems there and we were all excited for her new start (which is not really going according to plan but we’re still working on that).
Bug is, so far, flourishing in this world of learning and I’m so happy that she is so excited and acclimating so well. She got a case of the sniffles the first day of school (The first day? Ugh! Cut me a break!) but it came and went quickly. She seems fine and we all know germs are inevitable at the start of school and throughout the year. 
BUT…the one kid that didn’t get to go to school this year…the one with the brain that would baffle the mind of geniuses…that ONE…is the one that got sick! He’s been sad. Every morning, Bubby and I walk Bug to school. He carries his backpack and lunch box and he wants to stay. “You’re too young Bubby”, “You’ll be in school before you know it Bubby”, “You’re a good boy Bubby…you just stay home with Mommy one more year and you can go to school”. And all kinds of other prodding to get him to come home with me because he’s only 3 and it’s just not time!
But this walking in and out of school every day has taken it’s toll. This garden of germs, a virtual germ-fest, attacked his little immune system and he’s sick. You see, this baby has never been to day care. He’s never been exposed to the yucky germy world other than in stores and parks. He has a crappy immune system. He’s gotten sick once each year. He doesn’t do sick well. I mean, he’s not a big fat baby about it, but when it gets him, it attacks hard. 
Tonight I sit here. I should be asleep. I have to get up early to wake the girls up for school, but Bubby has been coughing. He’s been sputting. And worst of all, he’s been crying a very raspy cry. He hurts so in turn I hurt! He can’t take medication because like me, when he takes the cold and cough stuff, it just makes him puke. Yea, I’d rather cough! It’s just a cold, but it’s a nasty one. After some sleep and TLC, plus a few days, it’ll all be good again.
I just hate to see him so restless and I don’t like that sad face on him! The girls get to learn, and all he got was the germs! My poor sweet Bubby!
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