No It’s NOT Raining…It’s HOT Here in Texas!

Every day we walk to and from school. Every day, we see umbrellas. Every day Bubby asks the same question. “Is it raining Mommy?”. Every day it’s the same reply. “It’s NOT raining Bubby, it’s just hot here in Texas.”. 

I get confused too. Umbrellas are to keep the rain off of you, not the sun. But here? It’s a different story. Umbrellas are for shade. Even the kids abide by the local rule! 

I don’t get it, much like Bubby. If you don’t like the sun and heat, why do you live in Texas? Maybe everyone should just pack their umbrellas and head up north. Either way, this photo, this entire scene, of these girls succumbing to the ways of The Woods?  Well, it cracks me up!
And no, Bubby, it’s not raining, it’s just hot here in Texas! Get out your umbrella and enjoy it!
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  1. I grew up on a pacific island and don’t ever remember anyone using an umbrella for shade. I see it everywhere here though!

  2. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen some crazy things! 😉