A Bright Idea for Giving with GE Lighting and Champions for Kids

As part of my partnership with GE, I received coupons for my GE light bulbs. All opinions posted about my GE Lighting experience are my own.”
Today I had a bright idea! What? I have those from time to time. It’s a fabulous plan for killing a bad habit, saving money, helping the environment, and most importantly, for helping some of the children in need in my community this holiday season. Sounds great right? Well the folks at Champions for Kids and GE Lighting sure think so and they’ve agreed to help. They want to make it SIMPLE for me and YOU because they think it’s that important.
I haven’t participated in a Champions for Kids Simple Service Project in a while in a giving capacity (shame on me) but I have helped to facilitate others in their giving efforts (a little redemption at least, right?) so I’m super excited to be giving back again because it’s been too long!
My idea is simple but multifaceted. I have a serious light bulb issue. As in, I buy the cheap ones, I let them blow, and I steal from other fixtures in my household to replace the ones I need most. The one above is the most important as it sits over my desk and is in use approximately 16 hours per day. If it blows, I go on the hunt and I start stealing (it’s from myself, so it’s OK).
This poor chandelier (yes, I know it’s ugly, I live in an apartment for now and I didn’t choose it) was my first target. And yes, you see that correctly, it only has 1 bulb left!
No light in the living room other than the fish tank and the TV. That should be enough right? Well you get where this is going. I just don’t buy bulbs and because I buy the cheap ones, they blow often. You can visit any room in our apartment and see pretty much the same thing. But this method is neither effective nor efficient and I have to do something about it!
But how can I turn this in to something good for my family, my environment, and my community? Again, it’s SIMPLE! B loves light bulbs and when I told him my plan (without even knowing) he recommended GE Lighting for energy efficiency and longevity. I had no clue what I needed so I did what I seem to do best, I Googled it!
GE Lighting made this part easy. I choose an option and go…I chose Technology.
And I chose CFL bulbs because I hear they save a lot of energy and are reasonably priced (both important factors to me). I need to replace 7 empty sockets plus replace the bulb in the lamp over my desk that keeps blowing from overuse. By just replacing these 8 bulbs, I’ll save $45.29 annually and help the environment! Plan 1 underway.
And any time I save money, even a dime, I put it away to make donations to the children in my community because every dime, or dollar, or $45.29 can make a huge difference in the life of a child that doesn’t have much at all. 
And if you know me at all, personally or through my little dot on the web, you know that the thought of children going without necessities like food, clothing, shelter, books, clothes, toys…breaks my heart. Children are the real victims of society and of this economy, because they are helpless. They can’t change their situation and they shouldn’t have to. But I can and I want to help. And I will help. As always, I’ve decided to make a donation to the Montgomery County Women’s Center. They offer many services but the one the touches my heart the most is that there is a need for a Battered Women and Children Shelter. These women have been through so much, I’ve been there and I know the pain and helpless feeling only too well, and they just want to start a new life for themselves and for their children. This organization helps them do that. But for these children, right here at my back door, the holidays won’t be very full this year. They’ll have a roof over their heads and the shirts on their backs, but they need deserve so much more! We are fortunate and my children have everything they need, and most of what they want. I can’t give the kids in this shelter everything they want (although believe me, I would if I could) but I sure can give them some of the things that they need! So that’s the plan. Stay tuned because I’ll be back to share.

Please let this SIMPLE project of mine inspire you to do the same in your own community. It doesn’t take much to help and GE Lighting and Champions for Kids are making it simple to do your part online without leaving your home. You can win a $100 Walmart gift card for the charity of your choice by reporting your SIMPLE Service Project. Find out more on the GE Lighting Facebook page! Learn more about how GE Lighting can save money and the environment with this lesson plan.

Find out how much you can save with the GE Energy Savings Calculator. Start your savings with this printable coupon. Take that savings and make a donation. I assure you, there are kids in your community that need your help! Just do it!
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  1. I love what you’re doing to help the Women and Children’s shelter! Such a perfect place to help!! <3

  2. I have so many light bulbs to replace right now and I’m a light bulb thief, too! I’ll check out the light bulbs when I head to work today!

  3. Whew! I was afraid it was just me. We need to be ashamed. 😉