And You Thought YOU Could Sleep Anywhere?!

Walking is hard work. Especially when, well, you don’t have to walk at all. This past weekend, I took some time off of work and B, the babies, and I set out on a walk on the Seawall. It was relaxing and the time with my family was long overdue and priceless. 

We bought a wagon for the babies that morning because they often tire and we don’t want to listen to them whine make them exert themselves. We walked for 127 (OK maybe it was only like 7, but this is my story so I’ll tell it like I want) miles there and back. That’s quite a hike for little legs (mine included). Bubby got in and out of the wagon during our journey and talked to the passers by. He’s my kid. He likes to talk and entertain. 

Bug pretty much stayed in the wagon the whole time. She’d sit up and do her queen wave, and she’d stretch out when Bubby stepped out for some exercise. Either way, she clung pretty tightly to her new ride. 

On the home stretch, while Bubby walked and talked with us, apparently Bug got worn out. Next thing we knew, this baby inserted that awkward sucking finger in to her mouth and she was out like a light. Sun blaring on her, noise all around, bumpy downhill climb to our complex…none of that mattered. She was OUT! Guess all of that riding wears a girl out. 

By the time we got home, she was well rested, which pretty much means, she was ready to go. Not go anywhere in particular mind you, just GO. She’s always on the go…so I guess just this once, it was OK that she wanted to be the “baby” and just nap in her ride. I just don’t know how in the heck she did it. Some people can sleep anywhere. I wish I was one of them!
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Christy Gossett, managing editor of SoFabFood and creator of the healthy living blog, Insanity Is Not An Option, is a WAHM of 6 kids ranging in age from 27 to 8. She enjoys sharing her heart-healthy, low sodium recipes to help others with dietary restrictions enjoy a flavorful life while maintaining a healthy diet.

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  1. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says:

    I love how kids just relax and just do what comes natural! She looks like she’s sleeping peacefully.

  2. clgossett says:

    Don’t you wish we could remember how to do this? What a beautiful world this would be!