Galveston Club Paradise: It’s Back!

I had started a series a while back sharing daily photos from my little slice of paradise on earth. Then my series fell off the radar. Life got in the way. I got busy with work, had a conference to attend, a lovely (a*hem) flight attendant from American Airlines broke my DSLR on the way home from said conference, and then I got sick. I mean…really, really sick. And so, to everyone else, it seemed like I abandoned this project. I never really did. I just put it on the back burner until life stabilized again. 

So now I’m well. I went out and bought a lovely Olympus Point and Shoot (hurry up and settle the dang claim though, would you American?), and I’m semi caught up on work. While at my conference, I was asked about these daily photos by some other bloggers. Seemed they missed them too. But truth be told, this series is for me. I make time to go out and take photos of my paradise which makes me enjoy life a little more and relax. It’s time to get this party started again. 
I decided to start a little closer to home this time. As in, outside the grounds of my own home. This is our landscape and it’s beautiful. If you happened to be at SoFabCon with me, you know my allergies are atrocious. I can’t live near pines…at all. Within 5 hours of being in Arkansas, I lost my voice almost completely. Palm trees, and so many other reasons, are why I love this island so much. They don’t exacerbate my allergies nearly like pines do (although I did just get done with a 21 sneeze salute about 10 minutes ago for some odd reason). And they are beautiful!
The flowers might be sneeze-inducers but they’re gorgeous so I’ll forgive them. 
And the view as I pull in to our complex every day is gorgeous. Yes this is my paradise and this is my front door. 

I’ll be venturing out more now that the weather is warmer (OK, hot…just like I like it) and sharing photos with you again on a regular basis. It might not be daily but you can bet your sweet island butt, I’ll be sharing at least once a week. 

I was actually happy to hear that people missed these photos. I’ve missed them too. I’ve missed the time I spent relaxing while taking them. I need to get in touch with my surroundings again. I need to remember to enjoy the paradise that surrounds me. We all do!
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  1. That does look beautiful where you live! I sure wish I lived in a warmer climate. It has been very cold up here and I can’t wait for our two months of hot temperatures. Have a wonderful weekend!