Affordable Wireless Unlimited Plans? They Do Exist!

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My Bug graduated from Kindergarten about a month ago. I’m pretty proud. You see, this is the kid I worried about. This is the one I was afraid I’d spend the entire year (and the next 12 years) in the principal’s office for. But she surprised me. She was an awesome student. She stayed on “green” for almost the entire year. 

To reward all of her efforts, and in hopes of saving a buck or a gazillion with a cheap wireless plan, we have been experimenting for the past month with Walmart Family Mobile. My little grad has been testing out this service and she’s been able to talk to her sisters as much as she wants. Why? Because this service is unlimited for just $40 per month. We currently pay about $320 for our 5 lines with not so unlimited wireless and I’m never sure how much the bill will be until I receive it. That’s not cool!

One month into our experiment with Walmart Family Mobile, and it’s such a success that I’m her new hero. I’m Bug’s screen saver. THAT’S HUGE!

We’ve been testing this service for the past month and it’s going well. Not only can it save us over $100 a month, but it’s helped to bridge the distance between my girls in ways that nothing else could. Bug is staying connected with her sisters, we’re paying one flat rate for this unlimited service, AND I’m the hero. Score one for the mom!

Since I’m not ready to jump ship yet with my current carrier because I know the service is reliable and I need that service for work, it only made sense to try it out on my little grad. What did I have to lose? Better yet…what did she have to gain?

Bug’s been YouTubing like nobody’s business and texting and calling. And Bubby’s been playing games all month long. Guess what? The bill is only $40. No surprises!

Now that’s cool!

Our contracts are all up at the end of the year and I’m ready to abandon the big V ship. I’m digging the Walmart Family Mobile service but I must admit, I have to wait until we get “excellent” service in our area which I’m hoping will happen soon. There have been times, over the past month, where Bug hasn’t been able to make calls. Her phone will say “emergency calls only” and when I call customer service, they say it will be rectified shortly, and it always is. But I just can’t be without service ever in my line of work. 

They promise they are working on this and I have full confidence that they are. The customer service is awesome, the price is fantastic, and I’m looking forward to making the switch when the service picks up on the island. 

If you want to save a bundle, look into Walmart Family Mobile. No contract, no credit check, no hassle, no limits! Be sure to check the service in your area first but once that’s checked, you’re golden. I love flat rates. I’m not a fan of surprises in any shape, form or fashion. My wireless bill is no exception!

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  1. Bug is one lucky little lady! I had a cell phone when I was 15 🙂 And man what a great way to cut that ginormous wireless bill!

  2. clgossett says:

    It’s funny. I didn’t even realize she knew how to set a screensaver. She is so savvy on that phone, it’s frightening!

  3. clgossett says:

    You don’t even want to know how old I was when I got my first flip phone. And the older girls are jealous. They had to be 12 before they got one.

  4. clgossett says:

    You can always try it for a month since it’s so affordable. And the good news is, you can use your own phone for the service. No need to buy a new one!

  5. What a cutie! She look so happy and what a huge accomplishment staying in the “green”! Its not easy when you are that age and full of passion and the wiggles 🙂 Its great to hear your experience with this plan was a win and I hope the service expands in strength in your area soon! So many great ways to put the savings to good use 🙂