Confrontation…It’s Not My Strong Suit…But Then Again It Is

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m non confrontational. I hate to fight. I do it when necessary, but you have to push my buttons. This past weekend, someone pushed my buttons, a combination of someones, and events actually, but my buttons got pushed. I became that karma your momma warned you about. 

We were at the pool, minding our own business, and ignorance hit us in the butt. B was talking to a group of people in one of the pools. I was enjoying some peace and quiet. Bug wasn’t being great. In fact, she was being mean to a little girl she doesn’t like. There’s no sense in being mean. I talked to her. She didn’t listen. I went to talk to her dad. 

While I was over there, a not so stand up guy checked out my very stand up chest apparently according to my husband. I didn’t notice, I didn’t care. After I was done talking to B, while I heard lude comments in the background about eff’ing 12 women at a time (in front of my 4 year old son and his girlfriend I might add), I walked away. It’s always best to walk away. I took my son with me while this oaf went on about his conquests (that obviously were funny since no one would have that). Anyway, within 10 minutes, B was by my side. He was pissed. Why?

Apparently, as I walked away, the guy who had been checking out my boobs continued to check me out and when I turned around, he said something that wasn’t acceptable. “And it goes downhill from here”. He didn’t like my butt I guess. So sorry that in my 40s, after 4 kids, my butt isn’t perky enough for you but really happy my boobs were asshat! Really, I don’t care what he thought. I care that he offended my husband. I care that he continued to talk trash about every women in that pool AROUND MY SON! I care that he’s an asshole!

I let it slide. I begged B not to say a word…or worse. 

I got Bubby away as the asshat and his girlfriend repeatedly told Bubby that he needed to leave the pool because that was for adults. Seriously? It’s a pool morons. You live in a family community. The pool is open to kids. Now I’m pissed!

But I remained quiet. I kept my family happy and away from the chaos. Then it was time to leave. I sent B and the babies ahead. I lagged behind. B wanted to fight the battle and I talked him out of it. He could have, would have, beat the snot out of the ignoramous. I talked him out of it. 

But me, in my 5’1″, 98 lb madness, had enough. I spoke up. I confronted the bully. I was eloquent, at first. I looked him square in the eye and said, “Next time you choose to put someone down, in front of their own spouse, maybe you should look in the mirror first, then you might think about your words and actions. You might realize that the stones you throw are ridiculous in light of your own self esteem and appearance.”. He stepped back, shut up, apologized, and that should have been that. But his “thing” decided to get involved. 

I wasn’t talking to her. I wasn’t talking to the 5 people that were standing there either. I was talking to him. He apologized. I walked away. Then she started. She used racial slurs for some crazy reason. There were no race issues as she alluded to, but she called me names. I don’t get that. Even when there are racial differences, I don’t get it! I’ve never understood that. 

I guess that’s why her friends, and her boyfriend, basically told her to shut up. I walked away after telling her, and her boyfriend, to leave me, and my child who had more right to be in that pool than they do since only one of the 6 of them lives here, alone. She was yelling as I walked away. 

She’ll be back for more, even though she doesn’t live here. She’ll keep messing with me and my family. She didn’t like getting called out, even though she wasn’t. She didn’t like that her boyfriend belittled her with his talk of other women. She won’t let this go, she said so. But she doesn’t know me. She won’t be allowed back here again if she doesn’t let it go. She crossed the line for no reason since I never had an issue with her until she showed her ignorance. 

You have to push me hard before I snap. You have to really piss me off before I say a word. You really have to be an ass to get on my bad side and make me cause problems for you. 

She has problems now. 

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Christy Gossett, managing editor of SoFabFood and creator of the healthy living blog, Insanity Is Not An Option, is a WAHM of 6 kids ranging in age from 27 to 8. She enjoys sharing her heart-healthy, low sodium recipes to help others with dietary restrictions enjoy a flavorful life while maintaining a healthy diet.

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