You’re Busy. Why Wait When There’s Walgreens?

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Summer is winding down and the school year is about to kick in. *SIGH*

We’ve enjoyed our time off but it’s time for a reality check and for life to kick into full gear again. Things are about to get busy around here. We’re always busy but the school year keeps us super busy. Especially the prep for the school year. CRA-ZY! We’ve been buying school uniforms, back packs, school supplies, and trying to make sure that Bug has a happy and healthy start for her adventures in first grade. That’s crazy busy stuff. 

We don’t have time to wait for anything. We’ve been waiting in line to check out for clothes. Waiting in line to check out for school supplies. Waiting in line to sign up for school activities. Enough waiting already. Who has time for all that?
The babies don’t like to wait, and neither do I. That’s why waiting in a doctor’s office for Bug’s vaccines for school isn’t happening around here. Thankfully we found out that Walgreens has healthcare clinics in the Houston area that can provide us with vaccines, medical check ups, and sports physicals (when we get there) for minimal costs, with or without insurance, without the wait of the typical clinic or pediatric office. 

Our insurance stinks. B is union and that means they pay our entire insurance bill. That would be GREAT if we had insurance that was worth a flip. But we don’t. We pay $400 per person annually as a deductible. With a healthy family, we might as well not have insurance at all. A typical pediatric visit in my area is $230. Couple that with the cost of vaccinations, and although you still haven’t met the deductible, you might as well take out a loan. Seems ridiculous and there has to be a better way!
Thankfully, Walgreens wants my kids to get well and stay well. Their new healthcare clinics are located across the U.S. and offer benefits to the under insured, the non-insured, and to those of us that just don’t like to wait. They are conveniently located and since there’s a Walgreens on every corner, you might even be able to walk to get the services you need!

There’s no appointment necessary and if you’re like me and don’t want to wait, you can actually check the site, find your local clinic, and check the wait time. We waited less than 5 minutes. No lie. Plus they accept most major insurances so if you’re just trying to save time, or if you don’t have a family practitioner you love, this might be the answer for you too. 
Back to school sports physicals, or back to school physicals (with a school supplied form) for anyone under the age of 21 are only $39 now (through September 30th, regularly $60). You can’t beat that. There’s no wait, no hassle, and you can make an appointment online or just walk in. There’s no $230 office visit fee to pay. Just the check up. And if your child just needs vaccinations, they can help you with that too (without that crazy $230 office visit fee). And they offer clinical testing for many other conditions as well. These clinics serve patients of all ages and they are so kind and personal. You should really check them out!
We’ll be headed back soon because flu season is just around the corner and they offer flu shots for $31.99 per person. We don’t have to pay that crazy well visit fee to just go in and get our flu shots. They offer flu shots for anyone over 2 years of age by skilled Nurse Practitioners (most pharmacy stores will only administer these to those over the age of 7), and I know that Walgreens offers services that I can trust by people who truly care about me and my family. Plus they’re open late on weeknights and open on weekends which makes it easier for me. I’m all about making things easier for me and my babies. It’s reassuring to know that we’re ready for school and that I’m sending my Bug off to first grade happy and healthy.
If your life is busy during back to school and you need to get your kids vaccinated or they need a simple check up for sports, be sure to check out Walgreens on Facebook and Twitter. You won’t want to miss out on any of this. It’s rare in the healthcare industry that you find a “deal”. Don’t miss out!

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