Disney Cars Birthday #DreamParty Ideas for Bubby from A Million Moments

I’m sharing these Disney #DreamParty ideas as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias. Even though the ideas aren’t mine, since I’ve already told you that I bump off my friends’ ideas for crafts and creativity, I’m thrilled to be sharing them with you. 
A few days ago, I told you that Bug would be turning 7 next month and I was looking for party ideas and I found some fabulously easy Princess Party ideas that I hope that I can pull off for her. What I didn’t tell you then is that my Bubby will be 5 the following month and it’s something he has been looking forward to HIS WHOLE LIFE! He’s obsessed with being grown, and apparently in his mind, 5 is the age to be (be still my poor heart, stop growing so quickly)

Now we all know how I feel about my Bubby so it’s obvious to say that if I’m going to throw an amazing party for Bug, of course I’m going to have to be just as creative for Bubby’s big 5. But I’m not very creative, and I’m kind of lazy when it comes to these things, so I decided to turn to another one of my crafty and clever friends for ideas. It immediately hit me that I’d seen something amazing on my friend’s, Jess from A Million Moments, site and I headed right over to copy her ideas inspire my creativity.

As I was drooling over Jess’ photos and party ideas, I kept reading how “easy” this was to pull off (and I kind of sort of thought she was lying to me). I mean look at that cake. Look at those “motor oil” milk jugs. Look at those decorations. Bubby would LOVE this, but how was I going to pull this off? As I read on, I was pleasantly surprised to know that I just might be able to do this too. Here’s what she says:

“Even though I love crafting and being creative, parties are not my strong suit. Sure, I spend hours upon hours (upon hours) pinning ah-mazing party and decor photos, but seriously?  I have nowhere near the time or money needed to create that kind of awesomeness for a three hour shindig. My parties are usually limited to a few streamers, a cute cake and some finger sandwiches but this time I wanted more.  Since the cake is the centerpiece of any birthday party, I started there.  I wanted something simple, small (because there are only 3 eating) and delicious.  I had never tried one before, but the Deco Pac birthday cakes at Walmart are super cute so I ordered one the day before the party.  I also picked up some adorable Hallmark Dream Party kits to decorate the room with.”
Amazing but simple. And her post is full of so many useful tips to make this so easy that even someone like me can pull this off (because you see, she did this all with one stop at Walmart and just a little bit of creativity…BRILLIANT). All I have to do is go to Walmart and they do all of the work for me.
Looks like her adorable kids had a blast at their dream party and Jess was quick to remind me that:

“I’d say this party is going to be hard for me to top thanks to Disney & Hallmark.  I can’t believe how easy, inexpensive and amazing it was with as little effort as I put into it!”

If you want to read her full post (which I highly recommend) and bump off of all of her fabulous party ideas for your own little Cars fan, be sure to click over to The Ultimate Cars Dream Party! She won’t mind a bit. Be sure to leave her a comment to tell her how amazing she is…and she really is amazing! Plus you’re welcome. 

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