Thankful Thursday: Bug is Eager to Learn!

It’s Thursday and I have a lot to be thankful for. I forget that sometimes. But tonight, while we did homework, I was reminded. I’m thankful that Bug attends public school. I’m not dissing private school or home school, and I won’t judge anyone else’s choice so I hope you won’t judge mine. I grew up in public schools and I learned real life lessons. 

In the real world, there’s a diverse crowd. In the real world, not everyone is nice. In the real world, you learn lessons every day. Some are good. Some are bad. Bug is learning them now because she’s exposed to the mini real world. 

But what I’m most thankful for today is that my Bug has the opportunity to learn. And she’s willing!
And she’s happy to learn. She wants this. That makes me happy!
And she’s determined to learn. This makes me happiest of all. This baby tries so, so hard. It’s not easy for her. She struggles. But she stays on green each and every day and she learns. She’s not the average kid and it’s not always easy, but she tries. Oh man, does she try. I admire her efforts. I love her determination. I love her. 
And guess what? My baby girl IS learning and flourishing. To you, this might not seem like much. To me, this is amazing. This baby, this hot mess, is learning. She’ll be something big some day. Watch out world. My baby’s got this. 

Today, I’m just thankful that I’m her mom!
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