Movie Wish List: Cartoon Network’s Jake the Dad and Regular Show Fright Pack

I really should let you know that I received the following DVDs with bonus features to facilitate this family movie night from Click Communications and their client. As always, all of the photos, ideas, and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
We have tons of movies here that have recently become available on DVD or will become available soon that we haven’t even watched yet. Over the next month, just in time for holiday gift giving, I’m going to give you the babies’ take on each of them. You can follow along with this “Movie Wish List” series and decide which of them (I know the babies will probably recommend all of them) you want to buy for your little ones. DVDs make perfect stocking stuffers you know!
First up is this spooky combo. Yes, I know Halloween has come and gone but my babies always love a spooky tale or 14. That’s why they were incredibly excited when I told them we were going to be watching Cartoon Network’s Regular Show Fright Pack. They love the Regular Show (and so does their 19 year old sister and her 22 year old boyfriend). The short episodes on TV always leave them wanting more. This DVD, which is already available for purchase, has 14 spooktacular episodes that the babies really enjoyed. 
  • Terror Tales of the Park ~ 2 part episode
  • Terror Tales of the Park II ~ 2 part episode
  • Deap at Eight
  • Jinx
  • Grave Sights
  • Ello Gov’nor
  • Death Bear
  • Skunked
  • See You There
  • Meat Your Maker
  • Dizzy
  • The Best VHS in the World
  • Last Meal
  • Skips’ Stress
But don’t let the names fool you. Yes it’s a Fright Pack, but quite honestly, the babies just found it frightfully funny and I’m sure your little ones will too.
This movie night was actually a full day of movies (hey, what’s a momma to do on a cold and rainy day?). After the excitement of the Regular Show Fright Pack, we popped some popcorn and grabbed our copy of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time: Jake the Dad. Bubby was STOKED about this one. Was it just the movie? Is it the fact that Jake and Lady Rainicorn are two of his favorite cartoon characters? Well yes, there was that, BUT this movie came with benefits. Benefits in the form of a Jake hat that he loves! And it’s gotten super chilly around here since then so this hat is also a benefit for mom.
The babies watched both DVDs with giggles, chatter, and popcorn (three of their favorite things) but Bubby particularly liked Jake the Dad while wearing his Jake hat. This full length DVD includes 16 episodes plus a bonus feature:
  • Jake the Dad
  • Burning Low
  • Gotcha!
  • Sons of Mars
  • BMO Noire
  • The Hard Easy
  • I Remember You
  • All the Little People
  • Mystery Dungeon
  • All Your Fault
  • Five More Short Graybles
  • Vault of Bones
  • Simon & Marcy
  • Puhdy
  • One Last Job
  • BMO Lost
  • Bonus: Little Did You Know
It was a good movie day/night. The babies will watch these DVDs over and over again plus you’ll want to tune in too. Y’all Jake is one hot basket case of a dad and it made me think of myself and giggle right along. Actually, I think he’s more of a worry wort than I am (if you can believe that). Together these DVDs are almost 6 hours worth of giggles. You can watch them straight through on a rainy day. Break them down by episode if your kid wants to watch a show that’s not actually on TV (oh my stars…I can’t tell you how many times Bubby asks me to “turn on” something that isn’t on). Or you can just buy one or the other to help stuff their stocking this year. Up to you!

You can also follow Cartoon Network on Twitter and like them on Facebook to find out more about these DVDs, upcoming releases, and to get to know the Regular Show and Adventure Time characters better! And be sure to stay turned here, I’ll be back with more stocking stuffer DVD ideas for you in the coming weeks!

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