This Little Boy of Mine? He Owns Me Like a B*tch!

this little boy of mine

This little boy of mine? What can I say? Those eyes. That pout. That adorable face? Yes, I’m his b*tch and he doesn’t even have to try.

I was talking to a very dear friend tonight about her becoming a boy mom. *SQUEE* I’m so excited for her and her completely perfect family! But as the conversation unfolded, I realized that I’m my son’s b*tch. It’s not intentional on his part really.

He doesn’t encourage it, well I think he doesn’t.

Either way, it is what it is. I’m the mom of 6 kids. I should be immune. I love my girls (and my step kids) and they are all SO beautiful. So, so beautiful. But this guy? Something about him. The MINUTE he was born, I heard the angels sing. I knew he was special. He was different. But little did I know that this tiny creature would affect me in such a way that I would no longer know how to live without him.

He asks for something? He gets it. He offers “huggie time”? I’m all his. He wants to be a picky eater (like his Mommy)? It’s OK. He’ll grow out of it. He bats those baby blues? Oh my stars…I lose it.

If he wants something, even to get his sister out of trouble for her crimes (seriously, he’ll go to jail for her one day…bless his big huge heart)? All he has to do is look at me, with THAT look, and he makes it happen. I’m pitiful.

And he’ll grow out of his days of huggie time, and his deep need for me to take care of his every whim. I won’t always be his be-all and end-all. It’s already happening. I see him shifting to his new favorite…DADDY. They do have more in common…but *SIGH*…this little boy of mine? I need him more than he needs me. I’m just thankful that I have been graced with him in my life.

He holds my heart…and I’m his b*tch. So what! I’ll gladly be his b*tch as long as he’ll let me. Someday, he’ll go to school (like this year…make the pain stop), and someday he’ll find a woman that he loves and she’ll take my blue ribbon. But for now, intentional on his part or not, I’ll gladly be his b*tch and keep spoiling him like I do. He’s a good boy y’all. He’s respectful. He’s kind. He’s gorgeous. And he’s funny. He’s the type of kid that anyone would feel blessed to have. I’m just happy he’s mine.

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Christy Gossett, managing editor of SoFabFood and creator of the healthy living blog, Insanity Is Not An Option, is a WAHM of 6 kids ranging in age from 27 to 8. She enjoys sharing her heart-healthy, low sodium recipes to help others with dietary restrictions enjoy a flavorful life while maintaining a healthy diet.

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  1. I think he needs minion bandages 🙂
    Jillian recently posted…Starting Over – We’re Having a BOY!My Profile

  2. Girl, I know exactly what you mean. All I’ve ever been is a #boymom and I love, Love, LOVE it!
    JanetGoingCrazy recently posted…I Didn’t Deserve to Lose Weight This WeekMy Profile

  3. He’s a keeper! My five year old sounds pretty similar … and even when my lower back is barking I’ll always hoist him up when he looks at me sweetly and commands, “on your shoulders, please.” May my back hold out indefinitely, or until he grows out of this otherwise great stage!
    Christian Toto recently posted…Would You Send Your Child to Mary Poppins Camp?My Profile