Life Can’t be all about Bubbles and Smiles

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Or can it? I mean, you can’t center your whole life around bubbles and smiles (although that would be totally cool) but you can focus more on the bubbles, and the smiles. We’re all busy. We get wrapped up in the day to day. We stress. But what happens on those way-too-rare moments when we choose to shut down and just enjoy time with our families? Well, I’ll tell you what happens here. It’s all about the bubbles and smiles!

life, activities for kids, family

Looking at these photos, I’ll admit that the bubbles seem insignificant. But you see, they are very significant here. Why? Because these bubbles, this simple trip to the park? These things make my babies smile. And that right there, is priceless.

life, parenting, moms, activities for kids
This hour I spent with my babies, watching them blow and then pop these bubbles, may also seem insignificant to you. But to me? These are the things that happiness is made of. So can life be all bubbles and smiles? Of course not. There’s work to do on the home and job front of course. We are parents, we are required to work 24/7. But stopping to enjoy the bubbles, the smiles, and the giggles along the way…well, that’s part of our job too.

Life can’t be all about bubbles and smiles (oh and giggles…let’s don’t forget the giggles), but we should all make sure to remember to enjoy both on a weekly basis. Quite honestly, this is more of a reminder to myself than it is to you, but if it struck a cord, you need to blow bubbles more often too!


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  1. I’m so glad you got the time out of your day to hang out with the kids!! Good for you! You deserve more of that time!
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