High Protein, 4 Ingredient Snack Mix

Just so you know, I received product from Saffron Road to facilitate this post and recipe. As always, all opinions, ideas, and photos, are entirely my own.

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My family loves to snack. I constantly find them snacking on chips and candy (who bought those?), and other things that I do not approve of. I want them to have high protein, high fiber, low sodium, and low carb snacks. And they’re eating chips when I’m not looking. Not cool.

You see, I used to keep healthy snacks around the house. You know, the ones high in everything good mentioned above while still being low in all of that other bad stuff I mentioned above? Yea, those. But I’ve been busy. There’s no time to bake snack mixes and stuff. And I send B to the store. He buys crap even though he doesn’t want to eat crap. But crap fills my pantry because, well…BUSY!

But not anymore! Did you know you could make a high protein, high fiber, lower sodium, lower carb snack without actually having to do any work? DUDES…you totally can and even I can find the time to toss this together and leave it in the pantry to avoid the inevitable icky snacks that they might pick up if I didn’t have this salty and sweet much healthier combo in the pantry.

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Just FOUR ingredients, and no baking or mess required. All of my favorite goodies wrapped into one and this 19 grams of protein, 530 grams of sodium, 31 grams of carbs, 25 grams of sugar snack (for 1/4 cup which is a HUGE serving) is ready in minutes. Or maybe seconds thanks to the Saffron Road deliciously seasoned chickpeas. These chickpeas come in 5 amazing flavors: Wasabi, Falafel, Bombay Spice, Chipotle, and Korean BBQ (my personal favorite and the one I used for this snack mix).

These chickpeas are great on their own, BUT the spices Saffron Road uses to flavor them make snack mixes a breeze. No more mixing flavor combinations myself because they’ve already done it for me. One package of Saffron Road Chickpeas, 1/2 cup raisins, 1/2 cup sunflower seeds, and 1/2 cup pistachios. Throw them all in a bowl with a lid and shake, shake, shake. The Korean BBQ spices from the chickpeas covered everything with spicy and sweet goodness and this snack mix (in literally seconds) was amazing. Plus, the chickpeas they use are organically grown, so there’s that. And to me, that’s a really important THAT.

Is this the lowest sodium snack on the planet? Obviously not. But have you checked the labels on store-bought snack mixes? Seriously, they make me cringe. This no-bake, seconds-to-make snack recipe will be showing up in my pantry on a regular basis. Bye-bye chips and candy *SHUDDER*. Hello tasty goodness!

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  1. Those chipotle chickpeas look amazing! I need to find them!