My first “baby” is 20! What the what?

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My first baby is 20 today. What the what? For those of you that really know me, you know I have 3 “sets” of babies. I had my first “set” when I was pretty young (yes, I was young once) from my first (oh what a mistake other than the babies) husband. My 2nd “set” came to me ready made when I married B. And my 3rd “set” came from this crazy life that you read about daily with Bug and Bubby (which by the way is totally my last set).

BUT, my baby from my first set? She’s 20 today. TWENTY. And she has a baby of her own. Yes, that makes me a grandma, or Mimi as I prefer. Y’all, she’s grown! When did this happen? In a blink, my “first” baby is grown. And what a beautiful grown up she’s turned out to be. I’m proud, I’m elated, and I’m sad. I really miss my baby.

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That girl? That little hot mess that couldn’t go to school without mommy sitting by her desk for at least 10 minutes before she could acclimate every day? She’s grown. And she’s a mommy. And she’s a good mommy at that. And she’s 20. TWENTY freakin years old. My “first” baby. Plus, when did she get that tall?

I remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday, but it wasn’t. She was gorgeous. Red headed fuzz and all. My “first” baby. In some ways, she’ll always be my baby, whether she has her own baby or not, and whether I’ve had more babies or not. She was my first, and at that time, my last. My baby.

She wears her heart on her sleeve, like her mommy, and she’s as shy as the day is long, very much unlike her mommy. The day she was born, my life was complete, because she was MY baby. And now, she’s blessed me with a grandchild, a legacy. A new heart that beats in a whole new way. Love.

Having children was my calling, whether I knew it or not. My “first” baby taught me the meaning of love by being born, and by showing me the world that only a Mimi could see. Thank you baby girl for gracing my life. And thank you for carrying on this legacy. The day you were born, I heard the angels sing.

Happy birthday! I love you more than the world is big, but you already knew that! I hope.

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  1. I love this post Christy! Congrats to you and your daughter! My daughter is 17 and I know just how you feel. All sad and happy and sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing!
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