If a Heroin Addict was next to you, would you know?

There’s an epidemic in our nation and it might surprise you. Did you know that there’s a heroin addict on every corner? Not street corners, not in the ghettos. These are well-educated, employed {young} adults. You need to know if there’s one in your corner, and you need to help!

Meet Heroin Addict, Sarah Lazarus

Meet Sarah, a friend of mine’s daughter from high school. Beautiful, right? Only 24 with her whole life ahead of her. Except, there’s no more future for her. No more life. It all ended with a heroin addiction. Yes, heroin took this beautiful, seemingly successful 24-year-old with her whole future ahead of her…it took her life. In an instant, she was gone. Her family grieves, her friends are trying to wrap their heads around this, and everyone that knew her (or people like me that just knew the family and her story) is trying to get the word out about this epidemic, this affliction, that’s being swept under rugs and ignored in our country.

EPIDEMIC: Noun – a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.

No, this isn’t the Swine Flu, not Zika or Ebola…honestly, this might be something worse because no one is paying attention and people are dying every day. No one’s paying attention. No one is addressing this epidemic. No one is looking for a real cure. You won’t see this on the news. You won’t hear about it at the dinner table. Instead, these young {mostly} people are being ignored by our penal system, being denied by our rehab systems, and they’re dying.

As in dead. No longer living. Buried in the ground. Forgotten by society in death, as they were in life. These “low lifes”, with nothing holding them to society that chose this life, are dying. No one wants to think that “these people” were just like us…until the epidemic hit them.

heroin addict

They were daughters.

heroin addict

They were sisters working side by side at Camp Smile, a day camp for blind and visually impaired children and teens based in Webster, NY, sponsored by the Webster Lions Club.

heroin addict

They were granddaughters.

heroin addict

And they were cousins.

heroin addict

And most of them knew they were years, months, days, perhaps hours…from leaving this earth because they knew there was a problem. They knew that they hurt. They KNEW that finding help for this kind of epidemic wasn’t easy, and they just wanted it to end.

THEY were, she was, everything that you and I are. They were our sons and our daughters. The only difference?

sarah post by kristy.06 PM

She’s gone and we can all work together to do something…change the legislation, change the “rules” associated with drug addicts seeking help, change how society views “these” people…by not sweeping this epidemic under the rug anymore. It’s real. I didn’t know how bad it was. I didn’t know it could hurt “people like me”. Nothing like THIS happens to people like ME!

But it does; and it did.

heroin addict

Saturday, July 9, 2016, 24-year-old Sarah Lazarus is being remembered by family and friends at a memorial service at White Haven Memorial Park. In lieu of cards, the family is asking for donations to Camp Smile in Webster, NY where Sarah worked as a counselor in the Summer.

All I’m asking is that you, all of us, open our eyes to this epidemic. That we share Sarah’s story, and so many others like hers, with our legislatures, with our local news stations, with anyone who will listen. Share this, share anything I’ve linked to here.

No more hiding in the shadows for these people. Let’s stop losing our future. Sarah went through the system, many times over the past couple of years, and the system failed her. Sarah had a very supportive and upstanding family. Sarah is dead.

We can’t close our eyes anymore. This isn’t a poor, or a rich, problem. This is OUR problem. Our people are dying at the hands of an epidemic that we don’t discuss. It’s time to open the discussion at the round table. It’s time we put this in the forefront instead of all of the hatred we read about moms who were watching their babies and something bad happens that’s completely out of their control.

These moms have been watching their babies; and now they are burying them. Will you help? Can we stop the political and racial hate for a bit and help our people, all of our people, for a change? There’s no race, religious affiliation, or socio-economical standing involved here. These lives, the loses of these people…OUR PEOPLE…are at stake here.

Will you help save our people? We failed Sarah, can we help the next victim?

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  1. We are fighting this fight right now with my daughter’s best friend. Unfortunately, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. My Steffie, the daughter of my heart, has abandoned her 4 beautiful children because of this awful disease.

  2. Shelley Warner Ackerman says:

    Beautiful, heartfelt, heart wrenching and powerful message, Christy. Thank you for your gift and sharing it for Kristy and sharing with the world.

  3. Amy Campbell-Andrew says: