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My Baby, My Bubby…He’s 6 Today!

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Today, my baby turns 6. SIX. This little miracle of mine kind of completes me. He completes my whole family and the world is a better place because he’s in it. His light and his aura can melt the coldest of hearts, and one look into those kind, thoughtful, big blue eyes with those incredibly long lashes can convince the hardest soul that there is hope for this world. He’s sharp as a tack, he’s funny (my goodness this kid is hysterical without even trying), he’s handsome, and he’s just a great all around human being. The day he was born, I truly heard angels sing and the world became a little brighter for all that come in contact with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my kids, very much. They are all amazing and they all possess beautiful qualities. But this little boy holds the key to all of our hearts and today, his day, we celebrate his greatness. We revel in his quirky behavior. We giggle at that crooked little smile. We just celebrate the fact that some higher power decided to grace us with his presence in our lives, in this world. To know Bubby is to love him. If you’re having a bad day, talk to Bubby. A horrible week can be washed away with just one “huggy time” from this little prince. People gravitate to him, as they should, and he’s happy to entertain and enrich their lives, if only for a moment.

happy 6th birthday to my son, bubby, my baby is 6

Happy birthday little man. Today I celebrate you and thank you for sharing your wit, your charm, and your light with me for the past 6 years. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, because it will obviously be filled with greatness. But today, just let me hold on to my baby for a little while longer. I love watching you grow into such an amazing person, I just wish it wasn’t all happening so fast. I love you, Bub, we all do! Happy 6th birthday to the kindest soul I’ve ever met. Never let anyone change you, no matter what, and keep being amazing. You’re wiser at 6 than most adults and I honestly think you, and people like you, will be the change that this world needs. Stay humble, stay awesome, stay YOU, and know that you are loved…always and forever!

Bubby Got His Hair Cut on his Daddy’s Watch…Where’s My Baby?

Ever since Bubby was born, I’ve done everything for him. I only worked outside of the home for 4 months of his life (while he stayed at home and my oldest daughter watched him there). I’ve cooked all of his meals, I’ve done his laundry, cleaned up his room, fed his picky ass little self. And I’ve taken him for all of his hair cuts, starting at about 9 months. But this time, out of nowhere, he wanted his Daddy to take him. I’ve asked B for almost 3 weeks now to take him (I personally think he procrastinated because I’m a tyrant when it comes to Bubby). Bubby never stands his ground like this though, so it was time.
But but BUT…this was not what I had in mind. Make him look like a boy I said. Leave a little length I said. A little layer here and there is good I said. Show his curls I said. Don’t make it too short. Do NOT let it be too short. And…when they got home, we had shaved sides and back and a Great Gatsby look all around. I’m not a fan. I smiled. 
I guess I stared at my Bub too much (with my hand over my mouth) until he finally said “What? Do you have a crush on me or somethin?”. To which I naturally replied, “I’ve always had a crush on you baby, you know that”. And that’s all he needs to know!
He doesn’t need to know that I don’t love this cut, nor this look. He’s gorgeous no matter what. You may even love it. You might think I don’t because it makes him look grown. Truth is, you’re probably right on some level but I’m also not a fan of this style, especially not on my beach baby.
Facts: 1) He’s my baby and he’s lost all of his curls. 2) I think he’s the most handsome little guy on the planet no matter what. 3) I’ll never let B take him for a hair cut again because apparently there is a communication gap there and I want my baby back. 

Yes, I’ll always have a crush on him. Yes, he’ll always be the apple of my eye. Yes, he’s gorgeous with, or without, hair. And he’s totally 2 (in my head). Anyone that wants to argue that is going to have to fight me. It is what it is. He’s growing up way too fast and his daddy needs to stop facilitating it. Stop it. Stop time. Bring my baby back. 

PS – He’s totally handsome and those eyes will break and warm a million hearts no matter how his hair is cut over the years. In the end, it’s all OK. 

He’s My Baby…He’s My Bubby…And I Worry!

It was my choice to have babies early in life (sort of) and later in life (most definitely). But as I watch my baby, the last of the lineage, sleep, I worry. A lot of us joke about my age and I’m cool with that. I’m crawling on up there. I get it. But this baby is 4. He means the world to me, and I am his world (other than cartoons of course).

But as I watch this little man sleep, I worry. Will I be here to watch him graduate from high school (holy heck I’ll be 59 by then)? Will I be here to watch him graduate college? Will I be at his wedding? Will I be around to watch the birth of his first child?
I don’t have an answer to these questions. I wish I did. I love this little guy to pieces. Y’all know that. My only son. He holds my heart. I should be here as he meets the milestones in his life. I might not be. It is what it is. I can’t tell him that.

He thinks his mommy hung the moon and the stars. Let him think it. He’ll know as he grows up that mommy won’t be here forever. I wish I could be, if nothing else but for him.

Sometimes I wish he showed up when I was 21. But then again, life isn’t promised to any of us for any given amount of years. Maybe he was “given” to me to keep me around a little longer. I love this little guy with every fiber of my being.
I hope I’m around for his graduations, his marriage, and the birth of his children. I need that, and so does he.