Latex or Lidocaine? Something Attacked My Baby at the Dentist!

Disclosure: I’m not a sicko that goes around taking pictures of my baby when he’s sick. I took these for our doctor’s appointment to show them just how bad this was. I wanted to let you all know why I’ve been so absent so I’m posting this here. 

allergies, childhood allergies, lidocaine allergy, latex allergy

Our weekend didn’t go so well, as you can see. A simple trip to the dentist for a teeny tiny cavity for Bubby resulted in this. It didn’t start out like this. But this was the result. It was not good, not good at all. Let me back up.

Saturday morning, Bubby and I headed out at 8:30 am for a 9:00 am appointment to get this itsy bitsy cavity filled. We were the first ones at the dentist office so that had to be a great thing. He went right back. They gave him happy gas because he’s a twitchy little patient (I was happy to pay the extra to make him “brave” as he called it). A smidge of Lidocaine to make the area numb, minor drilling, a little filling, and they were done. We were in and out in less than an hour. Awesome! But, not really.

We headed home, did a few things around the new house, then the whole family loaded in the truck and we headed to Home Depot. Seemed like it would be a great day and Bubby’s face wouldn’t be numb for long, so all would be fine. We had a lot to do. But at some point in Home Depot, we all noticed that Bubby wasn’t looking good. No, his face, his lip, was swelling. Quickly.

lidocaine allergy, latex allergy, childhood allergies

I did what any self-respecting parent would do. I panicked (quietly, hoping he didn’t notice), then I called the dentist. They told me to come back in as they were still there. The first photo here is from 5:30 pm, the one just above is from 2:20. At the time I called the dentist, it was about 12:30. We loaded up our supplies from Home Depot, quickly checked out, and headed straight to the dentist. He went straight back. She immediately thought it was an allergy to latex. OK. Next steps. He was breathing fine and was uncomfortable, but overall, he was fine. She said Benedryl and rest and the swelling should be gone by Sunday. But as you can see from the first photo, that wasn’t the case. It got worse. He got worse.

I continued to panic and watch him like a hawk (seriously, y’all, I didn’t let him see me panic). Around 5:30 pm, I called the on call nurse at his pediatrician’s office. We went through a crazy series of questions, and after about 15 minutes, she told me to take him to urgent care within the next 4 hours. Four hours? We were out the door in 4 seconds.

Our trip to urgent care reminded me that things at urgent care just don’t seem very urgent. It’s pitiful and my lack of patience (and the fact that my kid kept swelling) was very evident. But we were seen. The doctor was very nurturing and extremely nice. She was truly impressed with Bubby’s intelligence and asked him to come back for laughs when he was well. She was leaning toward a drug allergy to the Lidocaine since I’m highly allergic to pain killing drugs. I’m leaning toward that too. Anyway, we went home with hopes of a deflated Bubby in the morning. We were to see an allergist ASAP.

Lidocaine allergy, latex allergy, childhood allergies, parenting nightmares

Obviously, that didn’t happen. Sunday afternoon didn’t show much relief. He was eating well, he was playing, he seemed OK, but this thing was NOT letting go. I was certain he’d be better by Monday morning and ready to face his 3rd week of school. I had a plan of action. I’d call the pediatrician’s office and get a referral to an allergist. Surely they would see him immediately. Surely.

childhood allergies, latex allergy, lidocaine allergy

This is today. He’s definitely better but I kept him home from school. I wanted (needed) to watch him. He’s having a little trouble at school already because of his speech and it’s definitely much worse with this lip thing going on. Plus, eating food is not easy (or pretty) so I figured I should keep him here and keep pumping him with medication that will eventually make him his comfortable, happy self again. Tomorrow he’ll go back. In the meantime, I spent a LOT of my day on the phone. The allergist (seriously, I was ready to cut a bitch) initially gave us an appointment on November 21st. Yes, more than 2 months away. I might have showed my momma hen side…just a little. We’ll be seen on Friday for testing.

Both latex and synthetic drug allergies are cumulative. We need to know what this is. Each exposure only gets worse. I can’t handle worse than this with my baby, my Bubby. He can’t handle worse. Fingers crossed y’all that this allergist knows exactly what they’re doing and we know what to avoid from here on out. If it’s latex, there are a host of things we’ll need to avoid moving forward. If it’s synthetic pain killers, let’s hope this poor little thing never breaks a bone or anything (hello getting your entire elbow region rebuilt and only being able to take Darvocet to deal with the pain…ouch, that was a painful 6 months for me).

Either way, my baby could use some kind thoughts. If you’re a praying person, please remember him when you say your prayers. If you believe in happy and healing vibes, he could use some. I love this little guy and he tends to get the raw end of the stick way too often. He’s awesome, he’ll be fine, and he’ll do incredible things in life. I know this and I’m so very proud of all that he is. But for now? I’m a worried mommy. Friday can’t come soon enough. Wish us luck!

First Day of School, School Uniforms, and Social Lessons from Kindergarteners

school uniforms, equality, first day of school

Today was the first day of school. Yay for them, sad face for mom. Seriously, it was so quiet in here, you’d think I’d be ecstatic, but actually I felt terribly alone. But enough about me. Let’s talk about the first day of school and things that hit me like a ton of bricks today, shall we? Well, since we’re talking about things that hit me like a ton of bricks, I guess we (really just me) are still talking about me, right? It is what it is.

The babies had a great first day, mostly. Bug enjoyed every minute of it and Bubby enjoyed the first half. Apparently the second half was really boring involving sitting on a rug and stuff. Turns out, the “stuff” was music class and it’s apparently not his favorite part of the day. He had fun, he’s making friends, and I’m incredibly proud of him.

Now, on to what “hit” me. My kids are just fine without me. In fact, they flourish. That’s a good thing, really, but it’s somewhat hurtful in a way. I need them, I know they need me, but they do very well without me. Proud, but bitter sweet.

But aside from the emotional issues of the day, I decided I wanted to talk about something political. Uniforms and equality. If you know me at all, you know that I stay FAR away from discussions of politics, race, or religion. These are hot topics and I don’t like confrontation or debate. That’s not to say that I don’t have strong views, it’s just to say that I don’t like to argue or upset others. So I shut up. I mumble to myself, I have my opinions, but I keep them closed within me, because that’s how I was raised. Today, I break that mold.

My kids’ first day of school pictures will look exactly like their last day of school pictures because my children will be wearing the exact same clothes on the first day as they do on the last. Yes, school uniforms. Although I do hate the blandness of it all, I actually totally appreciate it. Not for my kids really, but for some of the others.

We “have”, others in my area do not. It’s not fair, but it’s a fact of life. I was raised with money. A blonde haired, blue eyed, “white” girl with money. Then I raised 2 little girls as a single mom. We didn’t have shit. They were lucky to have Walmart clothes for school. The playing field wasn’t equal for them, but they made do and they did well because they had the charm and charisma to pull it off. That had nothing to do with social stature, race, or anything really, other than themselves. I was proud but I wanted more for them.

Kindergarten, equality, equal rights

Today, as I sent my babies to school, as I dropped them off in their classes, I looked around. All of the kids looked the same. White, black, brown, yellow…the same. Why? Because they were all wearing red or white polo shirts with khaki shorts, skorts, skirts, or pants. No one stood out. No one stood in the shadows. Equal. There was no hatred. There was no racism, no talk of socio-economic differences. And they giggled, laughed, and conversed as equals. Because they should. Because they are. One child’s family might have more money than another. One child’s skin might dictate how society treats them. But in that classroom, in those same uniforms, they are equal and in that, I find hope for this world.

I see a lot of bad things daily on the internet, on social media, but today I saw peace. I felt peace. If everyone saw the world through the eyes of a child, if we all wore uniforms, this world would be a better place. Please don’t think I’m insinuating that racism doesn’t exist. It does and it breaks my heart and every fiber of my being on a daily basis. All I’m saying is that it doesn’t exist in Kindergarten. Hatred is learned and thankfully, these babies haven’t learned to hate yet. I hope they never will.

Zach Kindergarten

I watched my son this morning and I was proud. I was proud of the lessons I’ve taught him and I was proud that he doesn’t see color or social stature. He sees people, he sees friends. We’d all be better people, we’d be a better society, if we’d all take a moment to revisit Kindergarten. There are no barriers there. No learned hatred. No discrimination. Just love, uniforms, and equality. It’s a beautiful thing. I witnessed pure beauty and I loved it!

I’m not writing this for a political debate. I’m not writing this to hear how much better I have it than others (I know that I have it better than some, worse than others). I’m writing this to point out that children (and schools with uniforms) are so much better than our society as a whole. Being unique is flippin awesome, but some uniformity, some conformity, is pretty awesome too. Let us all learn from our children. They don’t see the walls that we, as adults, sometimes build. Why should they? They shouldn’t exist. They don’t see socio-economic standing. They don’t care. They see someone that looks just like them. In a uniform. They see friends…all around them. And they are so much more brilliant than we are. Let’s don’t teach them to hate. Ever.

If my kids never get out of uniforms, if they never see the hatred that society has created, I’ll be OK with that. I hope they always continue to see everyone the same way they see themselves when they look in the mirror. That’s the way it should be and I’m glad my babies see it that way. It’s time to stop the hatred. Hopefully these kids, our future, will finally make the change and this world will be a better place. It will be as wonderful as Kindergarten where the only talk of color that matters is in the Crayola box and all of the beautiful drawings they can create with those colors…together.

This Little Boy of Mine? He Owns Me Like a B*tch!

this little boy of mine

This little boy of mine? What can I say? Those eyes. That pout. That adorable face? Yes, I’m his b*tch and he doesn’t even have to try.

I was talking to a very dear friend tonight about her becoming a boy mom. *SQUEE* I’m so excited for her and her completely perfect family! But as the conversation unfolded, I realized that I’m my son’s b*tch. It’s not intentional on his part really.

He doesn’t encourage it, well I think he doesn’t.

Either way, it is what it is. I’m the mom of 6 kids. I should be immune. I love my girls (and my step kids) and they are all SO beautiful. So, so beautiful. But this guy? Something about him. The MINUTE he was born, I heard the angels sing. I knew he was special. He was different. But little did I know that this tiny creature would affect me in such a way that I would no longer know how to live without him.

He asks for something? He gets it. He offers “huggie time”? I’m all his. He wants to be a picky eater (like his Mommy)? It’s OK. He’ll grow out of it. He bats those baby blues? Oh my stars…I lose it.

If he wants something, even to get his sister out of trouble for her crimes (seriously, he’ll go to jail for her one day…bless his big huge heart)? All he has to do is look at me, with THAT look, and he makes it happen. I’m pitiful.

And he’ll grow out of his days of huggie time, and his deep need for me to take care of his every whim. I won’t always be his be-all and end-all. It’s already happening. I see him shifting to his new favorite…DADDY. They do have more in common…but *SIGH*…this little boy of mine? I need him more than he needs me. I’m just thankful that I have been graced with him in my life.

He holds my heart…and I’m his b*tch. So what! I’ll gladly be his b*tch as long as he’ll let me. Someday, he’ll go to school (like this year…make the pain stop), and someday he’ll find a woman that he loves and she’ll take my blue ribbon. But for now, intentional on his part or not, I’ll gladly be his b*tch and keep spoiling him like I do. He’s a good boy y’all. He’s respectful. He’s kind. He’s gorgeous. And he’s funny. He’s the type of kid that anyone would feel blessed to have. I’m just happy he’s mine.